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Triumph Property Management / Thieves

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 702-367-2323

Several times now the owner of this services has charged me for services I suspect were not performed or that should have been paid by the tenant. Had he inspected the condo as he told me he would he would have known then while he had the previous tenants security deposit that the carpet needed cleaning, for which I got billed several months after the tenants deposit had been returned. Several other instances where he charged my credit card for other "services rendered" which he never contacted me about also. The man is a thief, beware this company. I'll never do business with this firm (and I use the term loosely) again.

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  • Da
      30th of Oct, 2008

    I have and currently use Triumph Management and have NOT had any such problems. In fact i deal with many management outfits in my line of business and Triumph has proven to superior.

    I would defiantly use them for more of my properties if I was able invest more but with today's market regrettably not feasible.

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  • Am
      12th of Nov, 2008

    We've been have been using Triumph property management for 9 months now and we have nothing but good things to say about Triumph. Triumph property management helped us fill our 1-bedroom property for $150 more than what the previous tenant was paying. The staff at Triumph property management constantly goes above and beyond to provide better customer service. So far Triumph property management has outdone all of our past property management services. When it comes to the amount of care they put into apartment and building upkeep there is no competition. It doesn't get better than triumph property management

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  • Da
      25th of Nov, 2008

    Wow, DISAGREE with TED. I didn’t get that impression at all that Triumph Property manage are thieves. I thought they were always fighting for my interest,

    The one thing I think needs to be mentioned is wish we had a firm like their in my home state

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  • Al
      4th of Aug, 2009

    As someone who rented from this company for two years, I have to agree. I have rented from 4 different management companies/landlords in the last 8 years, and these people were by far the worst. They had no concern for the upkeep of the property, often ignoring or half-heartedly filling my request for maintenance. Instead of transferring water over into their names when I left, they said to let it shut off, meaning the owner's lawn and trees died...then they blamed it on me. I would avoid these people at all costs. There are much much better companies out there.

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  • Wo
      31st of Oct, 2009

    Are you kidding me ? This company is the worse in the entire universe. All they want to do is to make $, in any way, any how. Your property is just a essential component to do so. They really don't care if the tenant does any damage to your property, matter fact, that's what they want, so they can charge you- the owner, which probably lives a few thousand miles away, that your property needs to be fixed.Then they can give the property to their sister company Meridian to do the job. Don't be fooled by their fancy words, devils are always appeared as an angel.

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  • Yo
      10th of Dec, 2009
    Best Best Advice

    Avoid this company if you are a property owner.He will take your money and not provide you service.Doesn't return phone calls or emails.Will charge you fees after I asked to be notified ahead of time.Allowed tenant to remain in property after November1st after I terminated her lease.He doesn't know if she moved out yet.It's Dec10th.I asked for keys and he doesn't know where they are and no rent for Dec or return of deposit has been made to me yet. He actually was offended that I was upset and now I have an attorney on it. No one in the office can help you and numerous times he told me has other properties to manage.

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  • Hi
      22nd of Jan, 2010

    the owner of this company kamy charges for repairs i know are fake. he takes out money straigt from the rent payment so he can get his money before you know about it. if you have the nerve to try to talk to him he is rude to you because you are taking up his time that he doesnt have for you. horrible company.

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  • Wi
      27th of Jan, 2010

    You're right, I've gotten several I suspect are fake, and now after NOT receiving my share of the rent check, no one from there has returned any my calls for the past 3 days... He used to send invoices through Meridian Services, which is his sister company (he never disclosed that I had to go looking to find that out). Now he sends out invoices like "World Exterminators" & "Brady Services" (not able to find them on the Web anywhere). Awful company to try and do business with.

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  • Lv
      7th of Mar, 2010

    I thought Triumph was fishy when I saw mostly poorly-written "reviews" on Merchantilecircle's reviews site for them. All the same wrong spelling, from savvy investors??? Hhmmm, probably NOT. Seems, perhaps, what Triumph does have is tenacious PR people trying to cover their dirty tracks? Appears like the false reviews/owners are from another country.

    Bottom like: Review sites are to protect consumers so I head the bad reviews, despite "consumer" rebuttals of bad reviews. So check more sites before taking mercy on prospective thieves. Damn greedy &^%$##s!

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  • Da
      28th of Apr, 2010

    Triumph and it's "co-comapnies" are a fraud and a scam. I have been with Triumph for 2 years now and they have done absolutely nothing except steal my money and charge me 10% to put stamps I paid for on envelopes I paid for. My tenant (yeah I am a home owner)put a satillite dish on my home without my permission and against the HOA regulations, for more than a year I have been trying to get this thieving liar Kami to tell the tenant to take it down and do the landscaping. Nothing.

    In my opinion this 'company' should be shut down, at the very least investigated for fraud. I plan to file a complaint with the Better Business Beuaru and then persue legal action to get my stolen money back.

    STAY AWAY from this company. BTW the 'positive' commenters are Kami and his relitives who 'work' at Triumph. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about these pack of thieves.

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  • Re
      9th of Jun, 2010

    I am very happy with Triumph Property Management. I do not work close to my home I am renting, but I do not want to move, because the home, and people are great! If I ever have any questions, they actually call me back, and are very nice and helpful. I am happy to say that their maintence team is really helpful too! I just signed my second year lease, and am blessed to have a happy home:) I encouage everyone to use them:) If I had the money I would send everyone in that office Starbucks gift cards:) Thanks guys! I did not know where to write a review, but I wanted you to know you do your job well, and thank you:)

    Velvette Buckley
    SLA Hayden Elementary
    Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!  ~Constanze :)

    -3 Votes
  • Di
      6th of Jul, 2010

    Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad "company". They are money grubbing, evil doers. They do not run a honest business and I have been forced to get an attorney. Now, I will fight to the end just to prove my point. Stay far away from these frauds!

    +3 Votes
  • Ca
      31st of Jul, 2010

    To all would be homeowners, beware. All of you that posted suspicious repair are probably true. He owns a percentage of the company that makes repair and serices to your homes. So, to say the least, its a confict of interest and bad business. Not to mention, some repair company are unlicensed and using other company logo.
    Made research and confronted Kami. He made no comment.

    +2 Votes
  • An
      24th of Sep, 2010

    These guys are a NIGHTMARE to deal with. Manager loves to play hide and seek. Terrible tenants who ruin the lives of other neighbors on our property. Bogus repairs requested. Makes inflated false positive reviews on Google, Merchant circle, Superpages (The dates, language, and names are coincidental). By the time it was over, the tenants WRECKED our property (No, I'm not kidding--see picture).


    +2 Votes
  • Un
      15th of Oct, 2010

    OMG!! All of you posting here have hit "the nail on the head" it has been nothing but inconsistency, not following through w/ maintenance repairs, lots lies, and they are very unprofessional. They do not know how to run a professional business from, the time we signed the lease till 2mo later just BS.. They NEVER did their inspection before we moved in like they said they did, no touch up paint, no plugs in the sink drains, dead bugs, must I go on... I've rented w/ leasing co. before and never never have we experienced such inhumane acts from a co that's supposed to have an A+ from BBB. Well that's gonna change cuz BBB gonna hear from us.. I could go on and on but I have better things to do the keep wasting my time and energy on them.. All of you that's been burned from this TRIUMPH PM should go on BBB and have their A+ rating taken away until they can provide the kind of service that earns them the A+.!!!

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  • Et
      29th of Nov, 2010

    Unbelievably incompetent! It's nothing but the worst property management company that one can deal with.
    I'm thinking of organizing a class action lawsuit against Triumph PM. Please email me if anyone out there is interested.

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  • Re
      9th of Dec, 2010

    They are slumlords! I worked for the Welfare division and am familiar with slumlords...but even in the projects it seemed they were not as horrid as Triumph Mgmnt! I have attached one photo of masterbath tub..never used..only cleaned. The "dark ring" is thousands of these live tiny insects which came up through drain...have more photos! I thought the horrid smell that hit me when i first viewed home to rent was nothing...smell was due to the internal and external water leaks. Every time it rained the front door had to be sandbagged as the water would come right through door jam and would flood 8ft into the home. The lighting in house was dim..great for saving on util bills...but hid what i eventually saw which made me physically ill. I finally dusted during a time of day in which i could see...the "dust" was an equal measure of dust and bug parts! That is what came out of faulty HVAC system...which i breathed in...which landed on me...landed in my drinks!(Have photos of vacuum cleaners which would clog up due to the extreme amount of whitish dust that came up out of carpet) On more than one occasion went to sip my 7-up or water only to find a dead small but in my drink (don't know if gnat or what!) And the internal leak...well, i could never use master bathtub. Drained always appeared wet...though leak never visible. Had to keep door closed and shower curtains drawn as these extremely small bugs came up the drain in mass. Though incredibly small...sooo many of them at a distant appeared to be dark ring around drain...was thousands of small live insects...which did move around in groups. No amount of bleach or any sort of cleaning could keep them at bay. Closing off drain didn't help as they were so small they still came right up. And triumph..well, they never repaired any of the above mentioned items. The flooding though door...the indoor and external leaks required a plumber. They never acted on anything. And few times they did anything...they sent out the cheapest laborers who most of the time didn't know what in the heck they were doing! And these were the people they wanted to use to address internal and external leaks into home...repairs which require a licensed plumber...something they were not going to pay for! The faulty hvac system caused extreme allergic landed me at umc when throat closed up...despite covering face..wearing gloves..when i changed air filter body went into anayphalctic reaction..which is potentially fatal! Stay away! Slumlords..and company should be shut down!

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  • Ne
      6th of Apr, 2011

    I have been renting with this company for almost 3 years and yes they are slow sometimes when it comes to fixing things. But I dontp think they are as bad as people on here have said. It is hard some times to speak with Kami because he is allways busy, but other than that they have treated me nice and with respect. The clerks are all ways nice and try to be sympathize with my situation. They also complaiment me on how well I keep my house and that I pay my rent on time. Overall I would give this company a 7 out of 10

    -1 Votes
  • Ri
      7th of Jun, 2011

    THIS COMPANY IS TERRIBLE!!! There appears to be one major thing in common with all of the positive reviews I've read about this company...mispelling!! Most folks who write reviews that are legit usually know how to spell!! This company will soak you dry when it comes to managing your property! It just so happens that when I had a complaint against Kami that he was going to be out of the office for a week and deleted my emails while gone!! What credible business person would delete their emails while out of the office??? I was suspicious from the very beginning and can't wait to get remove myself as far as possible from this company. They are absolutely, positively thieves!!

    +1 Votes
  • Ki
      25th of Jul, 2011

    I am currently with the company and I have all similar experiences. I think we should find a way to bring a class action against this group of thieves.

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