Trinitas Behavioral/Psychiatric Hospital in Elizabeth, NJMental health services

This hospital is located in the middle of a war zone of traffic with homeless people wandering around the building. The front desk women of the psych department never answer their phones, and half of them only speak Spanish. They never answer nor return calls. The doctors also just use their machines, and never return calls, ever. The doctors assistants will have their machine say "please allow 24-48 hours for a callback". And they never call.

The psychiatric doctor visits are 15 minutes only, and cost over $100, or well over it. So multiply a minimum of 20 patients per day per doctor, times 100, and you get $2000 per day per doctor this greedy corporation makes from its burned out expressionless doctors. The waiting room stinks like a zoo, and the patients have to stand in the hallway often because the waiting room is full. There is a substantial wait time even if you arrive late.

So basically, the doctor gives you 2 or 3 months prescriptions and sees you up to about less than 2 hours per year. The resolution would be, hire more doctors, have them see less patients, and have people answer the phones. Check out

Jan 28, 2017

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