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Fortuna, CR
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The road I drove on was under water. The car got wet. But it was not broken.

Nearby my hotel where two garages. Those two garages said the car is okay, but it needs to dry. The rental send a mechanical and that guy said after inspection also, the car is okay. That guy drove with the car to his garage, that was 50 km away.

In the meantime Trebol took also 1.977, - Dollar from my Creditcard.

Yesterday the 27th November I went to Trebol to complain about that and asked my money back. The guy from Trebol said that the car had several damages and they couldn't drive with it. He wanted to call a driver he send to the garage where the mechanical drove the car. He first and that driver of he is able to speak in English. The chauffeur confirmed.. Trebol asked him how the car was and if it was okay. The chauffeur replied that the car was okay. Immediately Trebol stopped the phone and said angry at me that the chauffeur can't Speak English. (I've recorded that conversation)

Trebol get verry aggressive and he made a fist and lower lip tucked between his teeth, he shouted that I had to leave the shop.

So, now four mechanics are saying the car is okay. But the rental has taken 1.977, - dollar from my account.

I don't know what to do.

  • Updated by Baykir, Nov 28, 2017

    Today Trebol took again money from my Creditcard. The total amount is now more than 2.500, - dollar.

Nov 28, 2017

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