Treadmill DoctorsWalking deck

I bought a walking deck for my treadmill from them and they claimed its a "commercial grade"( allegedly). First of all there is nothing commercial grade about it, Its a simple piece of plywood with some kind of paint on it. and second, it does not match the original walking deck. It was 1/2" longer and was missing the 1/8" rubber mat and the mylar sheet on it. Third, it did not have pre-drilled holes in it. So obviously it did not work. Looks like they have one or two generic decks and that is what they sell. When I called to clarify, they told me it is "commercial grade" and it should work. Well guess what Sherlock, it does not, Since I had already drilled holes to put it in, they told me it can not be returned. now I am stuck with a useless piece of plywood that cost me 200 dollars.

Jan 10, 2017

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