Toyota Motor Corporationcombination meter

We bought a pre-owned, certified, Toyota Prius in 2010. For most of our years of ownership, we've had to suffer with this intermittent issue: The dashboard doesn't light when you turn on the car. As a consequence, you don't know how fast you're driving, how much fuel is in the tank, you can't use features such as cruise control, and you can't turn off the car (and consequently can't lock it).

I only recently found out about an extended warranty via the Internet, to address the problem. I never received notice from Toyota about this issue.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Tumwater, WA

Even though the Toyota Dealership in Olympia, WA [protected]), and Toyota as well, has documentation that we brought the car to that dealership several years ago to get this problem fixed, they continue to refuse to apply the extended warranty and fix the problem. In addition, both the manufacturer and the dealership state that the customer most prove to the mechanic that the issue exists before it can be fixed -- the customer has the near impossible task of taking the car to a dealership at the point the intermittent issue occurs, and is continuing to occur when he/she gets to the dealership.

I will never buy another Toyota vehicle.

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