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Bait and Switch!!! Offered me a Verizon call center position at $10/hr but days before my start date they called to say training classes were moved a week later and offered me to start training for Combined Insurance until Verizon started classes. Into my second week there are still no Verizon classes, in fact, the manager said that 'Veriaon doesn't even hire this time of year.' and they are paying me a dollar less than originally agreed in the interview and they also switched my schedule, of which is alos not what was agreed in the interview. Not even sure they have an account with Verizon, there are people who have worked there for years and they also say they were offered to work with Verizon and they are still working for United Marketing Group, aka, Combined Insurance. It is a ghetto place, the people are loud and rude and they have issues with drugs being brought into the workplace. Management is rude and condescending.
I quit but now I don't think I'm even going to get paid for the time I was there. No one is answering the phone as I am trying to at least get paid for the week and a half I was there. Thank you TMC for screwing me over as to now I don't have a job at all.

Jun 16, 2017

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