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Hi Topix,

I am contacting you regarding an issue surrounding my name which appeared on Topix. Many attempts where made to contact the supposed individual to no avail. This attack is clearly mischievous and malicious by an apparent disgruntle active personnel at Sungame trying to hurt my reputation after leaving the company.

I am an investor like everyone that has suffered dearly from this elaborate misappropriation of funds raised. My departure from the company was public in 2016 and our team have been working diligently to bring justice to everyone. Since the poster on your website (Topix) has purposefully neglected to maintain open communication clearly demonstrates an act to defame my character.

Please contact New York State Attorney office Barbera Understood, phone number [protected] and verify the facts and kindly remove my name from such malicious posting.

My name on Post: [removed]( Isa is actually my first name and [removed] is my middle - Proof can be sent) - Actual name: [removed]

Poster: Anti Scammer2017

This is first step I was informed to take in resolving this matter amicably. We believe 1 week from today, December 5th, will suffice your due diligence/compliance and l look forward to a response on this matter.

Your website plays a crucial role in keeping company owners more accountable and consumers aware. However, I certainly hope you understand improper policing can lead to situations like the one I am faced with. I thank you in advance for taking time to look into and resolve this matter.

Kind Regards,


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Nov 28, 2018

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