TomTomBad Product


Received a refurbished unit as a gift which would not hold a GPS signal, returned it and bought a new better model TomTom. When I went online to register my new unit, it wiped out my unit. After many, many, many hours on the phone to TomTom support kids, my unit still would not work. I WAS TOLD THAT ONE CAN'T REGISTAR TWO UNITS USING THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS, that's what killed my new unit. So, you have to have a seperate email address for each TomTom you own! The software is flawed! The tech support have no clue! I sent back the unit at MY expense. They returned a different unit (hopefully not a refurbished one) with NO car charger, computer connection, or booklets...nothing! I've always had Garmins, and sorry I ever bought this unit. DON'T EVER BUY A TOMTOM!

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