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Tommy Hilfiger / racial mistreat

Jul 19, 2015
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Tommy Hilfiger
4763 West Irlo Bronson , 2553 Kissimmee, 34747
I am a tourist and went to shop at Tommy Hilfiger at 4673 West Irlo Bronson, in Kissimmee Clearance Center. I spent a lot of money at this store two months ago and went back to buy more. As I was taking pictures of the stuff that my father in law asked me to buy for him to make sure it was what he wants, the store Manager approached me and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was taking picture to send to my family so they could choose which one they want me to buy for them. She told me I could not take pictures and asked me to leave the store or she was going to call the police. I went outside and call my friend that live nearby to ask her if it was normal, because as a tourist I don't know the local laws. She told me to wait there and went to the store. She spoke with the Manager and the same rude way this manager told her that she had all the right to not allow picture at her store and she also had the right to ask anybody that she don't want at her store to leave. My friend told her it was unacceptable for her to ask a tourist that is spent money at the store to leave just because she doesn't like them, so my friend called the police on her. She got to the phone while my friend was talking with the police and when the police arrived they went to the Manager all smiling and my friend approached them explaining that she was the one that called them and the reason why she called. They just told her that the Manager has all the right to not allowing a customer to take picture of what he is buying because it is her store, and she also has the right to ask the customer to leave if she doesn't like them. Is this a police for all Tommy Hilfiger? Is normal for a Manager act like that, discriminated and disrespect the customer rights just because she doesn't like them? Please, I want to know because if it is Tommy Hilfiger policy I will make sure to announce it in Brazil so nobody will be publicly embarrassed as I did, stressed and discriminated like that. I really hope this Manager from this store will be called for corrections on how to approach a customer and how to respect people's rights and wishes, as being very common to all tourist take pictures of the stuff before buy it to send to a third person that asked for it. I hope I will receive an answer to this complaint and hope some measure will be taken for all embarrassment and stress that this Manager caused me. I will take the necessary steps to make sure it will never happen again with other customer.


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N  19th of Jul, 2015 by 
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Sigh, why do people turn everything into a race issue. Most stores do not allow you to take pictures and telling you not to do so is not rude. Why were your parents allowing you to shop alone. If you can mistake being told not to take pictures as rudeness and racism you are obviously very young or not very well educated.
N  19th of Jul, 2015 by 
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I agree with Anita, the same goes with those that play the race card when they care caught stealing or sexually abusing someone. The same goes with those that want special treatment and play the race card when they don't get special treatment. The same goes with those that do not get a job they are not qualified for and play the race card when the other person was better qualified and all the other silly reasons you claim discrimination. If you are going to blame others of discrimination you are not required to stay here. If we went to your country and accused you or racism because we were expected to follow your rules and laws you would be angry as well.
N  19th of Jul, 2015 by 
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I agree if you are going to play the race card just because you did not get your way leave.
N  19th of Jul, 2015 by 
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Don't go around taking pictures in private property without permission and you won't have to worry about "racist mistreatment".
N  23rd of Jul, 2015 by 
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I don't like Tommy Hilfiger, but the store do have the right to ask you leave. Also, usually stores (not just Tommy Hilfiger) do not like ppl taking pictures of their product.

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