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Tommy Hilfiger / false holiday specials, stereotyping, and more

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So many things happened on so many levels. Tommy stereotyped us and stated lie after lie in their response to resolve the issue with the BBB.

My wife and I made an order during the 2012 christmas season for our family and Tommy treated us with so much disrespect it is not even funny. What adds salt to the wound is their response that should be considered criminal with all the accusations and inaccuracies.


Accusing me of violating terms of service rather than honoring special. I say false advertising. Why offer a 40% of coupon online with free shipping for orders greater than $150 and allow a max of 20 items? I decided to purchase from this BlackFriday offer and Tommy canceled my order stating that I am not going to use the items for personal use because I ordered to many items. When I said I would be filing a complaint they did not care. Why offer a black friday special were I cannot buy clothing for my family. Why not decrease the allowed limit of clothing up front. The website allows 20 items, what is wrong with the order? My wife and I had wanted to spend about $200 to buy gifts for our family and the kids. Tommy offered a BlackFriday special of 40% off. We wanted to get some nice clothes and chose to buy from Tommy. We purchased 20 items online using the BlackFriday discount. The online order had a limit of 20 items. We received 5 email confirmations saying our order was received and our account was debited. We looked at our account the next day and the transaction was reversed. When we checked our order status online in response to this confusion, the site showed that we had no order. We called the Tommy customer service number [protected]. Larry was the rep we spoke to. After giving him our order number, he said our order is not in the system. Larry explained that the order was not showing in the system because it must have been sent to the accounts department for reviewing. Larry said that our bank account was only pre-authorized for the purchase amount to see if we had funds to pay for the purchase. and that it was only a pre-authorization transaction not a transaction of sale. We were told that we should receive an email stating that our order was being reviewed, and that we should check our spam or trash folders. We told him we have received nothing and this is bizarre. After Larry said that the accounts department was not available for us to speak with until Monday. We further inquired, Larry placed us on hold, after being placed on hold, Larry came back and said our order was concealed. He was not able to tell me why except that my order fell into a category that was deemed an order to defraud Tommy. Larry said that maybe I am shipping to a warehouse or there is a mismatch in my card information. I wanted to know why my order was cancelled and was very unhappy with this, so I asked for his manager. Larry initially said that he is a senior rep and no one else would tell me anything different and that his manager is not available. I explained to Larry that is fine, I want to speak to the manager about my order being cancelled and do not mind calling when he is available. Larry placed me on hold, after being placed on hold, Larry was going to transfer the call to Steve, which is supposedly his supervisor. I explained to Steve that my order was canceled and I wanted to know why. Supervisor Steve said my order was cancelled because there was to many items ordered at one time. He stated that Tommy has the right to review and refuse orders and cancel them as they see fit. I told Steve the I would be taking notes of the conversation because I was going to write a complaint. I did not understand why the website allows 20 items, but my order was cancelled for having too many items. I felt like Tommy did not want to offer the 40% BlackFriday coupon, but Steve said if I purchased with or without a coupon that my order still would have been rejected. Steve said it was not a judgement against me, he explained that I am not being targeted or accused of being trying to make a fraudulent transaction, it is just that my order falls within the category of being fraudulent. Isn't that the same as saying I am trying to be fraudulent? Steve said its not a judgement against us, it is just that there is a max number of items and that our order went over that number. Steve said this is how the company does business and protects itself against fraudulence. Steve said there is a limit and that limit has been met so our order has been canceled. The explanation does not make sense. My question is still why allow customers to purchase 20 items on the website if you cannot purchase 20 items. I FEEL singled out because why allow a 20 limit max but single me out for some reason. Why send repeated offer after offer and when a purchase is made, it is received, debited, reversed, and then cancelled. The fraudulence is with Tommy Hilfiger. I wanted to speak with someone above Steve about this matter. Steve said that I am not allowed to contact his manager. Steve said, "My boss won't take any calls regarding this issue." After inquiring to speak with his manager regarding Tommy not honoring the sale. Steve became defensive and said that he explained more than he had to. Steve said that he did not have to give me explanation. Steve said that, "As a company I can say whatever I want." Steve said that he did nothing wrong. Steve said he did not cancel the order. Steve said Tommy canceled it. Steve said that if I want to contact someone above him that, "I could send an email to corporate via" Steve said that he explained his companies position when he did not have to.


BBB 9319714

Side Note: This customer has also had issues with one of our other clients who follow similar rules. This customer is blocked in their system due to using a Brazil bill/ship that they do not accept, as well as an international credit card.

Customer is upset at the limits Tommy Hilfiger set within Cybersource regarding number of items ordered, number of orders placed in a specific time frame, etc.

Customer called us on 11/30/12 regarding her orders. The order was not in our system due to being rejected by Cybersource. The order was 20 items and our max per order, was 15 at that time. Customer was advised order was not processed. Customer stated that we had already taken the money out of her account and the rep confirms that it is simply a pre-auth; we do not charge until it ships. Customer also asks about the email received stating we have received order. Rep states that is an order confirmation email that we did receive the order, but not that it will process as the order has to be authorized by the verification team. Explains it could be a billing address issue, could be number of items ordered, etc. Customer wanted to be transferred to Cybersource and we were unable to do that. Customer was upset, and her husband got on the phone and was questioning our policies. He states that they need to have these items so they can ship them (leads us to believe they are resellers forwarding product to an outside country). Rep offers to continue to check for order to see if it downloads, but assures customer they will receive an email regarding the status of the order. Customer got very irate regarding our plicies and spoke with lead Steve. Customer states we cancelled because we do not want to honor the 40% discount. That is NOT why the order was cancelled. Steve relays that was not the case, the order was cancelled due to the number of items on the order. He reiterates this several times. Customeer gets heated, supervisor calms him down. He states that he understands what we are saying, but doesn’t agree with it and he is going to post this all over. Customer gets heated again when he goes through the whole issue al over again.

Customer called again on 12-9-12 stating order was incorrect. Shirt was wrong color. States they will return for refund.

We hear nothing else after this point.

May 29, 2013

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