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Tommee Tippee / tommee tippee prep machine

1 United Kingdom

I have spoken to one of your colleagues in the head office department complaining about the prep machine bottle maker. I'm not one to normally complain, but I feel this has to be delt with. The past 4/5 months my son has had very bad diarrhea. I've had to take many days off work unpaid to attend hospital appointments for all sorts of allergy tests including diary / celiac disease by having cannulas put into his arms for blood & skin [censored] tests. Cutting out diary and wheat from his diet to find out the prep machine has mould and this has been causing my son to be very ill with an upset stomach! Since not using the machine my sons diarrhea has compeltly cleared up and has had no more stomach cramps. I've already had a discussion over the phone with someone called ( John Cockburn ) and he asked me to reply to his email with images of the mould which I have done but now I've had no response and the situation has just been left! my filter light didn't work and never informed me to change the filter ! & my de-scale button never worked in the whole 14 months I've been using the machine. John informed me that even if the de scale light does show up I should still decale the machine every 3 months & change the filter every 3 months. My partner done this regularly & done the deep cleaning progress. My argument is my prep machine was still faulty! The filter
Light & de scale light should of come on during the 14 months I've used it! The only light that has ever come on is when the tank was empty and if the machine was to hot. Another question John asked was it in sunlight! No the machine was not in sunlight. The last hospital appointment I had I told the pedreatiton about the prep machine and they have told me to contact you ASAP and get this resolved and that it's not the first time they have heard of this. the fact that this is not being taken seriously and has just been left is disgusting. I want to take this further and it will not be left or forgotten!

Tommee Tippee
Tommee Tippee

Oct 12, 2018

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