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I signed up for this $50 rebate when i bought my wife a ticket to a concert. Forgot to cancel b4 the 30 trial was up and was charged $16. 99. Was told a date that my account was good to so i decided to keep it till then but would call b4 that date to cancel. Over 2 weeks b4 that date my account was charged i canceled my account and got my refund in 7 - 10 days. Now, over a month later i'm charged again. I didn't realize i had signed up for 2 different things. So when i called to cancel 1 then they decided to start charging me for the other. I had $. 40 so it pushed it into negative balance. Called up cussin and was told i'd get my money it 7 - 10 days despite my demanding same day. So f'in pi - - ed about this whole thing.

Jan 29, 2015
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  • Yu
      Jul 02, 2015

    The only way to be able to know about it is to wait for the "materials" they'd send you. The only way to get any rebate was to use their coupon to buy "another" product. By that time, the trial is over and they get into your bank account. The bank will honor their charges after their "trial" period. Great Fun survives on one's forgetfulness to cancel before trial-period expires. This is another scam.Too much work to keep track of trial expiration dates. This goes true, too, for Amazon's trial membership.

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