Tj Maxx Corpus Christi, Texas / unprofessional and under trained

4938 South Staples Street Suite B-3, Corpus Christi, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 3619912792

Cashiers are not properly trained to process a simple credit card. If you have an AMEX Card do not use it there. Associates do not know how the enter simple number into their own system to be process. One cashier/associate attempted to process
the card four times and still screw it up and informed me it was the care being rejected. Wait, it gets better, another associate come to help and give the same general script that is was the credit card. I used another common credit card and no problem. I then called the AMEX company to find out if it was the card itself. I was informed that the store continued to enter the incorrect security code several times and finally the card rejected processing it due to continued entry error. I then used the same card next door and purchased various items. I then called back to the store to talk with a unprofessional Assistant Manager with the name of D something or another. He was rude and rush to get me off the telephone. Called again to speak to the manager and seems I kept getting disconnected while awaiting for her to come to the phone. I have decided never to spend another dime in the place and let everyone I know exactly what they are really about. Poor customer service!

May 1, 2014

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