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Title Max Loan


Illegal Reposseions

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Contact information:
Title Max Loan
2155 S. Macarthur
Springfield, Illinois
United States
Phone: 217/726-6570
My mother took out a title loan January 2008, I first learned of this loan after my mother had become ill, and was hospitalized for over a month. At which time a representative from Title Max contacted me and stated that she had been trying to reach my mother and was unsuccessful. After she had explained what the business was that she was calling about, I explained to her that my mother had become very ill, and would not be able to be available for an unknown time. The Doctors were doing lots of test but they had no answers and she was getting worse. So this rep. suggested that she contact my self on when payment was due so that we could set up a "promise to pay" date, I said that would be fine that my mother was being compensated by short term disability and the paychecks came in very inconsistantly, so the payments would most likely be late, however always paid with in that month. This Title Max rep. agreed, and stated that she would note the system/computer with such information and make sure that either my sister and or my self would be contacted every month. This happened every month starting September 2008-March 2009, my mother was released from the hospital and after some time at home finally went back to work full time. At this time she was able to speak with Title Max and make "promise to pay" arrangements on her own with still the stipulation that should the payment become really late, or she did not come in to pay, and or they were unable to reach her, they would still use the phone tree system and contact myself, and or my sister. This last August of 2009 my mothers car was repossessed after 14 days of her account being delinquent. My mother received a call from another rep from Title Max the day of the repossession, at the time my mother was NOT informed by this rep that her car was subject to repo. the Title Max rep stated to my mother that her account was in a very bad place and that she needed to set up a "promise to pay" right away. My mother said can my daughter bring the payment first thing in the AM? Title Max rep stated yes, that would be fine. I received a call around 12:30am from my sister stating that there was some one out in her apartment complex parking lot taking the car? She had explained to the repo-man an arrangement was made to satisfy the delinquent status of my mothers account for the morning, this man responded well sorry, I have my orders. I arrive 10 minutes till Title MAx opens the next morning, with the payment as per arrangement between the Title Max rep and my mother the previous day. Once inside, I introduce myself and explain why I am there and what happens now since Title Max has repossessed the vehicle? This rep appears to be confused and starts scrambling around looking for papers (I guess) anything that matches what I am saying, she then looks at her Mess. Mach and states that there is a mess, it could be about my mothers vehicle. Sure enough it was, the man confirmed that he did have my mothers car. She then turns to me and states, well we have to have full payment from debtor now to get back the car? I said..No, you made an arrangment with my mother last evening to come in and pay the delinquent balance with out telling her that the car was scheduled to be repo'd. After this she stared in again confusion, I then realized I would get no where with her and asked for the rep. that I had always dealt with, she explains that she works at the other location in town, which has nothing to do with the one that my mothers account was at. She had switched stores. I requested that she get her on the phone in addition to getting a manager in because this rep was the only one in the building. She contact the manager for that store and while we waited for him, she contacted the rep that I had dealt with. Once in the phone the Title Max rep knew exactly who we were and knew that we had never missed any payment and if it was late, she called us and we came in with the payment once we had set up the "promise to pay". The new rep, states she was unaware of such arrangements that there were no notes in the system/computer, so she had no idea? Once the manager had arrived, the first thing out of his mouth was he was new, and not really for sure on what to do, however text book training was to receive full payment or past due plus repo fee. I then request for him to get any one that is going to take this huge error seriously on the phone and or here. That request put him on the defensive fence and we went back and forth for about 20 minutes repeating. I stated to the manager that I was not leaving until this was resolved and the 2 agents that were there were obviously at a level of authority that they could not ultimately resolve the issue. So at this point the recept/customer serv rep decided to contact the police because they refused to get assistance and I was not leaving. Later that day we had pulled my mothers phone records which indicated that, no calls to or from Title Max at all, except for the one phone call the day, the car was repo'd, the recept/customer serv rep had explained that she had called 3 times and my mother made 2 "promise to pays". Obviously based on the new information we had about the lying Title Max rep we took in this information, to further prove our case, this time to the other store to a manager who seemed to be concerned with a resolution and the rep that we had dealt with since September 2008, once we provided the proof that the other office had lied and did NOT follow the Title Max proceedure, they were very quiet and immediatly got on the phone to contact their District manager, the District Manager stated that he would call them back. They both explained once he contacted them, they would call us. We have never received a call, their system shows that my mother has paid every month and never ever not made a payment on a "promise to pay." Title Max rep made false notes and we have the proof, this rep illegally had my mothers car repossessed, and no one in the Title Max company has made any contacts to follow up with a resolution. I am furious with this entire ordeal, to think that lower income families, whom can not get a decent loan have to come to this type of place to get the cash they need and then this is the end result! I will not stop writing and putting out this complaint until some one from Title Max that remembers why they have a job in the first place takes this GRAVE ERROR seriously!!!
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N  9th of Sep, 2009 by    -2 Votes
If a payment was ever made to titlemax by anyone other than your mother, yu may be able to dispute the validity of the contract. As a former Titlemax employee, I am familiar with their business. When a payment is made on a title loan, they "renew" the contract for another month. They ask the person making the payment to sign the new agreement. If someone other than your mom signed a new agreement, it is an invalid contract. You should consider starting a class action suit to help everyone scammed by Titlemax!
N  15th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
Not in Illinois. Illinois is a loan state and not a pawn state. The contracts in Illinois are for 2 years not month by month. Unfortunatlly this gentleman really has no recourse, unless his statements about the phone records are true. Every store has a 1-888 number they have to give out if asked for. This will take you to the corp office. If you explain calmly to them the situation they will be your best chance for help. If you call and a yelling and swearing I prmoise they will not help. From what you wrote though I believe your only option is to pay the loan in full to get her car back, if they have not sold it already.
N  25th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
These f'ers just did me the same way! #FURIOUS
N  4th of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
I am so sick and tired of them we live in the state of Texas we've been paying for months realizing loan has not gone lower .. Then that big LATE FEE is just ###### and they can't do this or that it's locked in the system and paying 499% interest rates #### ugh!!!
We understand and know what everyone else is going through...what a ripoff ... Something needs to be done ... But what
A  18th of Mar, 2015 by    0 Votes
This is a company ( use this term lightly) who does prey on the low income in my opinion. I tried to pay on my husbands loan and of course because the contract you have to sign, states that no one other than the individual can do this, they would not allow me to make the payment. They also would not allow me to sign the contract along with my husband because the title was in his name. My husband is a truck driver and he was not able to get in to make the payment and stated so numerous times on the phone to a representative with Title Max. So Title Max reposed the vehicle. So now we are in the process of trying to get the vehicle back. I can not believe they would not take the payment and have my husband come in and sign the paper work when he came back in town. Peoples lives are not perfect, if you are trying to make an effort to pay your debt they should not act like organized crime and cut you off at the knees.
N  21st of Jun, 2015 by    0 Votes
I took out a title loan with Title Max and was 10 days late on my payment I called them and explain that I had lost my debit card while in Oklahoma and it would be 7 to 10 days before I could get a replacement card and my jeep was repocessed. Im on disabilty and have a set income which believe me is not very much. I did not get any kind of letter stating that my jeep was being repocessed they came during the night and got it. My only transportation i have and i dont have the money to pick it up. I only borrowed 800.00 and in order for me to get it back I have to come up with 1487.00. How did they come up with that amount?
N  8th of Jun, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Tina Farley Have a question on that law you had mention .
I had same exact issue does that law good even though they have mt title
A  4th of Jun, 2016 by    0 Votes
Title Max did the same thing to me in Phoenix AZ . I made arrangement's to pay my loan the next day and they said it would be okay and they reposed my van that night. And the tow truck guy was ruthless. I told him I made arrangements with title max and he said he didn't care. And if I didn't give him the key he would destroy my vehicle. And I said no. So he did destroy my van . I paid there ridiculous fees and went to get my van and my van had a broken windshield one tire almost completely flat and someone had purposely broke the fuel lines off the fuel pump assembly. I need to talk to title max tomorrow about it . It was so hot out I almost had a heat stroke. This is in Phoenix AZ . But for anybody dealing with Title Max in Phoenix AZ . They will take your car or truck to Total Recovery Auctions gate 4 79th Ave and Van Buren Tolleson, AZ and you can go there and demand your car or truck . Arizona Laws states the impound yard can not old your car or truck ransom in Lou of payment unless it is a police impound. Just call the police they will meet you there and they will make them give you your car or truck. Please spread the word that you can get your car or truck back at 79th Ave and Van Buren Tolleson, AZ at Total recovery Auction gate 4. They automatically send your car or truck straight to the Auction.
N  11th of Apr, 2017 by    0 Votes
So my car was repossessed because I was unable to make the payment my bad I get that, the next day after finding out where my car was I had a gentleman that wanted to buy my car from me. Basically pay the loan off and I get cash out of it, better then totally loosing out on a 12, 000 car. I called the repo they stated that no one could come look at the car unless they were licensee and bonded ok well the guy happens to be, the repo stated that the car was no longer mine it was title maxes car I have no right to let someone look at it for purchase. Fine I call title max they say its ok it would just be like me paying my loan. Call repo back they say get a letter faxed to us stating they say ok. Call title max they tell me my car is no longer there its been moved wow really the lady I spoke to 5min didn't say a word about it not being there?? Title max said let me see where it is call you back that day never heard a word. My buyer deals with repos he knows they are full of crap its a bmw so I am sure they would love to keep it. This is crazy never delt with this kind of stuff before not sure what to think or do.
N  29th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
I have a title Lian with title max in California. Got it in April and couldn't make monthly payment for June up should
July August and September won't be any different. I called them to let them know so they can come and get my car. I messed up. Should never have taken the loan. The Jeep telling me to bring the car to them leave the key and make the payment to bring the payments to bring the account current and we can have the car back. Well I'm not going to do that. I told them to come get it back in July and it is still here. We only drive it when we need to go to the store or appointments. We have been watching waiting. Nothing happened. Talked to them today again so maybe tonight??
N  29th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
I have a title Lian with title max in California. Got it in April and couldn't make monthly payment for June
July and August . September won't be any different. I called them to let them know so they can come and get my car. I messed up. Should never have taken the loan. The keep telling me to bring the car to them leave the key and make the payment to bring the payments to bring the account current and we can have the car back. Well I'm not going to do that. I told them to come get it back in July and it is still here. We only drive it when we need to go to the store or appointments. We have been watching waiting. Nothing happened. Talked to them today again so maybe tonight??

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