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Title Loans / scams ,EVIL, the Devils business

1 501 Mauldin Rd., Greenville,SC 29605Greenville, SC, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 864-236-9344

This place gave me a loan for $1100.00 in 2005. I paid them $200.00 or more $300.00 every month almost three years, my payments were only$181.00. And true some months I would be a few days late and two or three months out of that I would about a week late. But it got paid every month. You do the math, after all that Money I paid to them on Jan.3 2008, they came and repossessed my 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan, I was three weeks late, maybe. Without any warning or anything. Then they drug it almost all the way out of my complex, with the keys in it(if they would have just looked) so there went the $1600.00 transmission I just put in it about a year ago. Then when I called them, they wanted $1769.76 before to get the van back. After all the money I had already paid them, so lets see I paid the over $3000.00 and they have my Van and they still want me to pay $1769.76 all for a loan of $1100.00. I don't think so!!!!!!!! Enough is Enough!!! I told the place they could have it. But they never even warned me, they lied and said they did, like I am crazy and don't remember them calling or sending a letter. And don't you think if I knew I would have at least tried to hide the Van til I could pay the payment? But Like I said they can have it has a busted lifter so it has to have oil all the time, one of the side doors don't work, it has about 250,000. miles on it, the air conditioner don't work, the adjustable tensioner is messed up and keeps breaking the universal belt, it has no radio, it needs new tires , it has a recall on it for some spring in the steering wheel that causes the cruise not to work , the drivers airbag don't work and it don't have a horn, the back hatch doesn't auto lock and makes a funny nose when it tries to and the catalytic converter needs replacing and I am sure there is other things so I hope they enjoy it and I hope they can at least get $5.00 out of it and I hope one day soon these places that take advantage of people who are going thru a hard time and needed a little help are put out of Business and have to pay back some the people they RIPPED OFF. I will go hungry before I ever go to another title loan or check advance place.

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