TireChains / Returnof wong chain

Johnstown, PA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 84-248-375

I purchased 2 sets of tire chains for my cars in preparation for a move to the Rocky Mountain region where driving in snow is often a issue. I gave the sales representative at Tire Chains all the information necessary for them to select the proper chain sizes: make and model of vehicles, tire sizes on both cars as they appeared on the sidewalls of the tires. During the move I discovered that BOTH chains were the wrong size. This caused a imediate problem, nd expense, in that I was forced to spend 2 days in a hotel during a snow storm during the move because I could not use the chains. Secondly, Tire Chains would not exchange the chains because I was outside of their return policy deadline. This I coud not help, because all of my files were packed up, and I did not yet have either a telphoe or internet or a workng mobile telephone at my new residence for about 6 weeks. Despite all of this, Tire Chains did not agree to exchange the chains.

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