Timbercreek Asset Management / unethical business practice, very shady

Save yourself the trouble and avoid renting with them.

They fraud the system to work around increasing the prices for the next tenant, falsely advertise their prices and tell you to agree to sign for a higher price, they file for evictions behind your back, they send the information of all occupants, not just the offending tenant, straight to collection agencies without any proper grounds just to waste your time before you even get the chance to point out mistakes. They hire people to tamper with ledgers to make the most responsible person look bad-you have to go get legal help and re-tabulate your transactions on your own. They don't give receipts. They don't know how to do business, they do it all by bad ethics, integrity, and intentions. They screen phone numbers and don't return calls.


if you input any of their property addresses into housing societies to check for legal litigation statuses, you will find that they like to file claims and stab people in the back, including an McGill University ETHICS specialist who lived at the same property way longer than I have.

they like to ruin the names of good people, AVOID

DON'T do business with them, always check reviews and read the fine prints, any detail you feel is off or detect any false promises and alterations, blow the deal off.

Nov 28, 2017

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