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Scam alert june 1, 2011 tigrent rich dad robert kim kiyosaki lee escobar group attorney? I'll sign!!
I am angry at myself for falling for this. I spent $36, 000 and lost my last savings to what i thought and hoped was my financial freedom. Lee escobar was the puppet master! A chaplain using this to gain your trust.

I hope you all read this, cause they have to be stopped. Kiyosaki must be held accountable as he receives money and puts his name on it. I will continue to post as i gather my thoughts, lost dreams and self - esteem. Is there a group lawyer? I want to be added!!

- forced us to say ohya after everything he said.
- black list people if you don't sign up immediately. You can't ever attend anything from them.
- help u set up cc, so it will pay for adv training.
- free? I had to pay for $199 for the free seminar, so i could listen to the upsell. Or else. They lie!
- only 1 bathroom break a day to keep you in your seat listening.
- cancellations: 3 days or else you pay!! Interesting that they have a cancel form ready, cause they know a % with cancel and thats ok, cause the masses end up paying anyway.
- teacher put "l" in front of his forehead, savings & 401k plans are for losers. Repeat after me!
- lee escobar won't answers your questions, saying you are disruptive and stares at you until you shut up or leave.
- lee escobar says hes a chaplain and uses his preacher voice and claims he was sent here to help you!!
- actual training over 3 days: 2 hours (No questions allowed at all)
. . . Take the cash flow game and copy the deal cards and that's what they showed us, never taught us.
- actual upselling over 3 days: 22 hours
- surveys are fixed to make them look good!!

Lee has a mobile home park development in a binder. This binder was horrible, lacked content, was missing the plot location of the actual park, and only showed you pictures of what a mobile home looks like. Just like the people in canada that went thru the 32 million dollar snow - job. If this guy really is a millionare, these proposals would be dynomite. A fifth grader did this as a class - room project. There was no plot where it was going. He made it up!

Watch robert kiyosaki admit he is having issues with learning partners
Http: / / www.Cbc. Ca / marketplace / 2010 / road_to_rich_dad / main. Html

May 23, 2011: by the bbb warning warning
Http: / / / blog / 2011 / 05 / 23 / rich - dad - seminar - warning /

John t reeds detailed list of why robert kiyosaki is a phony huge list here, about 30 pgs. Even shows where the marines gave him a great review even after he bashed the marines
Http: / / / kiyosaki. Html

"law 27 - play on people's need to believe to create a cultlike following. Judgment - people have an overwhelming desire to believe in something. Become the focal point of such desire by offering them a cause, a new faith to follow. Keep your words vague but full of promise; emphasize enthusiasm over rationality and clear thinking.
Give your new disciples rituals to perform, ask them to make sacrifices on your behalf. In the absence of organized religion and grand causes, your new belief system will bring you untold power. " (P. 215)
Law 32—play to people’s fantasies
“the truth is often avoided because it is ugly and unpleasant. Never appeal to truth and reality unless you are prepared for the anger that comes from disenchantment. Life is so harsh and distressing that people who can manufacture romance or conjure up fantasy are like oases in the desert: everyone flocks to them. There is great power in tapping into the fantasies of the masses. ”

- if robert kiyosaki & kim kiyosaki were sitting there, it would be a tottally different seminar. Or would it? Pls make them accountable, their names are on the game cash flow and supports this group by receiving millions of dollars.

When i go to tony robbins, i know i'm going for a motovational speach, here we are all blind sided. We thought it was a basic training to real estate. Liars!!

- warns against using realtors for anything, duh, caused most of its illegal.

- did you know every teacher has experience is motovational speaching to church masses.
- did you get a motovational bracelet? Failure is not an option? Why did i need this for a real estate basic training seminar?

I may not be like lee escobar (Bent - lee) , but atleast i have my morals. What kind of chaplain does this?

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      Jul 29, 2017

    You are 100% correct, there was little to no valuable information or real estate training. Lee Escobar berates and humiliates any and all, especially the non-conformists. The entire speil is about money and how much you paid for your car (a liability), in order to prepare you for the upsell to the "Mastery" level. For those who comply, clap and cheer, all is well. For those who do not comply, and possibly challenge or question him, all hell breaks loose!
    Listen to your gut, the bad feeling, the uneasiness, the red flag!!!
    Caveat Emptor!!!

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