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Having joined ac/dc fanclub and purchasing 2 seating tickets for hampden gig after tickets had been on sale for under 2 minutes! tickets were sent out through ticket master!
the seats we arrived at on night of concert were a total disgrace, we could see the side of the stage not anything that was on it and could only see performers when they came out onto podium!! apparently their set was amazing with a huge train etc on stage mmm didnt see a thing now as im aware these should have been sold as restricted view tickets and not charged full price for them however we were charged full price and after selecting "best available" option I was under the impression Id at least get to see the stage of the gig i was attending!
On the night i spoke to a woman who had bought 2 tickets the second time round, after all tickets sold out they then released more tickets due to demand... this woman had seats right in the centre of the stadium at the front!!!
I feel as if i have been robbed and after looking forward to this gig for months indeed it was a complete waste of time! I have attached a photo from where I was sitting i have zoomed in 100% but gives you the view we had! not accaptable ill think you will agree !!

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  • I got tickets second time around (couldn't get them on initial release, not for the want of trying - sold out within the hour) and was lucky enough to get them with the second release. I was in the seated in front of the stage so got a great view. Sorry to hear you couldn't see - you did miss a great show (not that ACDC themselves are anything to look at - Anyone else think there's a Golem thing going on with Angus??). If it's any consolation, at least you'd tickets - I spend months being pissed off thinking I wouldn't be going, but was lucky enough with the second release. Wouldn't say it'd be a complete waste of time though, you get to hear the music, see a bit of the stage and get the atmosphere - you don't get that from a recording so it wasn't a total loss!

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