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Ticket Liquidator uses a network of fraudulent online ads through which they sell tickets.
The text on their many ads claims they are the official online source for the venue whose tickets they are advertising. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They can hide behind these stories about how they simple host the network the tickets are sold on but the fact is, they manage the Google account used to publish the fraudulent ads. They create the fraudulent ads.

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  •   Aug 12, 2011

    Hello TicketPolice! Thank you very much for your feedback. We're very sorry for your unhappiness in regards to our website and our ticketing advertisements. We at TL are indeed a nationwide network through which independent sellers (trusted businesses and individuals) resell tickets to events. We at TL don't directly own, price, or ship tickets, but rather serve as a marketplace that connects buyers with sellers of tickets. We proactively try to keep selling fees low for the sellers who use our exchange in order to ensure that the ticket prices on our site are lower than on other resale sites. (Lower selling fees means that the sellers can afford to price their tickets less, because they're losing less money to TL...) We therefore do advertise and encourage consumers to check us out for low resale market prices for event tickets.

    Having said that, I do want to emphasize that we at TL are not a primary ticket seller and that we are not associated or affiliated with any venue, team, performer, or box office. We also don't advertise ourselves to be the official source of event tickets, but rather mention throughout our website that we're a resale marketplace. This includes on our FAQ page, on our Glossary page, on our "How Our Business Works" page, on our Feedback page, and above every event listing (upper-right) in the "Lowdown" -- where the information is available across over 62, 400 event listings.

    As a result, I'm very sorry for the confusion, but we at TL do advertise ourselves as a resale market, because we proactively want customers to be informed about their purchase experience.

    If you have any other additional concerns, please feel free to email Maxine at maxine.[protected] and she'd be happy to help!

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