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Thomas Frazier, CPA / Tax Preparation

1 Mesa, AZ, United States

Consumers beware! Thomas Frazier CPA, admitted to falsifying tax filings and other unethical actions when questioned by government officials and operates using several names including: Frazier, Spoon & Co, Thomas Frazier CPA, PC, and Arthur Spoon & Company.

When I learned of miscalculations on tax returns that were certified as accurate under penalty of perjury by Thomas Frazier CPA, I left messages advising him of what appeared to be clerical errors and that amended returns were needed for the IRS, AZ Dept. of Revenue, and State of CA Franchise Tax Board.

Frazier failed to return my calls but informed my partner that he purposely prepared the returns with falsified entries and attempted to dismiss my alerts with deceptive innuendo that the fraudulent entries would go unnoticed.

When I continued to request that the returns be amended and recommended using a different CPA, Frazier advised my partner to disregard my concerns. Despite my notifications, Frazier failed to recalculate or amend the returns with the knowledge his entries were fraudulent and that he had intentionally failed to declare cash income paid to my partner by a person with whom he has a personal relationship.

Frazier was fully aware his actions jeopardized my partner and me with the IRS yet he failed to take corrective action for his unlawful and unethical wrongdoings despite numerous notifications.

After complaints were filed with government agencies alleging Frazier falsified tax filings, he announced a name change to Frazier, Spoon & Co., PLLC. Records on file with the AZ Corp. Commission indicate the name was changed effective May 6, 2013.

Documentation produced by Frazier raises further questions in that client statements for tax services performed by him before the new business name had been registered with the AZ Corp. Commission and State Board of Accountancy, reflect Frazier, Spoon & Company, despite the name not having been approved or registered. Additionally, associated documents were crafted to provide the indication tax services had been provided by Arthur Spoon & Co., a separate company with different license credentials for the preparation and submission of tax returns. Testimony indicates Frazier accepted payments issued in his name for tax services despite the ambiguous billing statements indicating Arthur Spoon & Co. had performed the services.

The disparity in the documentation described above occurred shortly after governmental investigations were launched involving Frazier and the manner in which he knowingly falsified and certified tax returns as accurate before submitting to the IRS, AZ Dept. of Revenue, and the State of CA Franchise Tax Board on behalf of clients.

If considering doing business with Thomas Frazier regardless of the practice name or license he’s operating under, my advice; think twice, research complaints and reviews, and verify disciplinary actions with the AZ State Board of Accountancy before entrusting your information.

Jun 12, 2013

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