Think Vacuums / paying for returns while item is still under warranty

1 Spokane, WA, United States

I made a purchase of a champion central vac electric attachment kit in aug 2018. I was talked into spending more money than I wanted (over $500) but that is my bad. Today jan 16, 2019 the power head stopped working. With some trouble shooting we figured out the overload reset protection button wouldn't reset. We called customer service and asked to repair or replacement the power head since it was well under warranty.
I was told we had to pay for shipping to and from their company. I explained that I am disabled, not able to drive and on a very limited income. I felt with such a large purchase they should pick up the shipping. Especially since I can not drive and must have everything shipped to me. How is it that I can get free returns on a $50 pair of gloves but not a $500 vacuum? When speaking to live chat I felt insulted when I was told "exactly, why should we pay for shipping when we are going to either replace or repair the power head for free"
This not a good way to retain customers. I would not recommend this company for followup service.

Jan 16, 2019

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