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Pro AquaPoor service

I bought the Pro Aqua Vac. 5-19-14. The first part of 2015 the air cleaner started acting up. I call my locate sales person and set up an appointment, he did not make the appointment time, nor did he call me to let me know he wasn't coming. I called a few days later and made another appointment. This appointment was not made either. I called the main company in Syracuse, NY and found out that all these companies around the country are sub-contractors. My sub-contractor has know moved to South Fla. I have 2 phone numbers and they will not answer the phone.
The Pro Aqua is a good machine but this and maybe more sub-contractors are not. They are doing a dis-service to Pro Aqua. The motor is life long warrenty. I am having to mail the power head to NY for repairs. I would suggest if you want one of these vacs. you deal with NY and not a locate company.

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    Jess2214 Oct 18, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unfortunately the local company is not in charge of warranty issues, the warranty issues always have to be handled by head quarters in new york, local company can only do minor repairs, and there is still a local distributor in your area.

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Pro Aquadeceptive

Two people came to my door. I was 3 days post-op on some heavy medications and told them I didn't feel well. They told me I could have a small air purifier if I let them do their presentation. The girl was nice and personable but I was under the assumption, by her presentation and comments, that it was an air purifier. She told me you turn it on high for 90 minutes and run it and it will clean the air in your whole home. My husband has COPD and I have allergies and we have young children so I was slightly interested. I specifically kept asking how it was possible that it would clean the air of a 3 story home with a full basement, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 other rooms and a kitchen in that short amount of time. It was never explained to me how but I was assured it would. The whole part about the vacuum cleaner and other features were presented as secondary. I bought the unit, even though the price was phenomenal. I feel now after a few days that it does not do what she said it would do and that I basically spent 3000 on a vacuum I cant even barely use because of my disabilities. I feel I was taken advantage of while ill and medicated. I don't like the deception used.

  • Ro
    Robos Dec 01, 2010

    Pro Aqua NA is a disgrace in this Industry. They are Not only selling a high priced inferior product but their business practices are totally unprofessional. No wonder since the company is run by some uneducated kids. Companies like Rainbow, Hyla and of course Roboclean are the real deal.

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  • An
    Antiscam1 Mar 18, 2011

    Pro Aqua will get what they deserve pretty soon. No Distributors. They don't know or don't want to know that the few Distributors they got are already talking with the competition. The good thing for them is that there are not many left in the first place. Roboclean and Ritello might be happy about that.

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Pro AquaRaleigh, nc - fraud... Avoid at all costs!!!

I would avoid this name brand and any person who sells for them for that matter. In Oct. 2009 we purchased a Pro Aqua since the product had good reviews. The deal was, they had to take our previous vacuum as a part of the deal and donate. I was leary, but as long as it went toward a good purpose "why not". Well, on 12/31/2009 the vacuum completely stopped working! We were STILL waiting for our paperwork in the mail that had been promised at the time of sale "since it was so late". My journey began with our finance company, then moved to BBB, local news attempts, etc. and by February 2010 I was in contact with the Atty General. Everyone basically shrugged it off since I didn't have a bill of sale and no one could get in contact with the local company. It is now August 2011 and the vacuum is still not in use, we are still paying monthly payments on $2000 and the Atty General basically washed his hands of it because it was a dead-end. I am LIVID beyond belief that this "lemon" product is still our responsibility and this company is a complete and utter FRAUD!

I hate that this situation got swept under the rug and has jaded my whole experience and outlook on these type of sales people! Avoid...

  • Pr
    PROAQUAISASCAM Aug 17, 2011

    ...OH, and I would like to further add that I also contacted the headquarters in NY and they acted as though it wasn't their responsibility since it was a distributor although it was their product. I was in contact with George Leggett the NC Atty General for an entire year working on this case that ran into the ground due to no contact.

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Pro AquaHorrible Company

How the heck can these guys be still in business? Are people not smart enough and realize that Pro Aqua is a scam? Sam and Joe are the managing partners, lol. These guys are loosers, who got some money from Daddy. Than check their Sales Reps or Distributors. Most of them are the same crocks like them who don't even trust each other. Most of them want to get out anyway but are worried (even there is no reason) that Pro Aqua will take them to court because they signed a stupid questionable contract and most of them owe them money for product. Unbelievable that no one has not filed a serious law suit against them. Maybe it's not too late yet. Think about it.

Pro Aquaworst company

This Company is the worst in the Vacuum industry. How can these guys stay in business??? Guess Daddy gave them some money, but let's see how long that will last. They get rid of good people and hire those scam artists that can only work with a company lihe theirs. Sad thing is that they already screwed some good associates and will screw new associates in the future. Shame on the Managing Partners (whatever that means) but also Daddy who invests all the money into that scam.

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Pro AquaSCAM

I was the first distributor for ProAqua. After a little over 2 years I have heard everything you can imagine from the "Importers" on how great this product is and how this company is going to be different than the competition. LIE LIE LIE... this company is just as underhanded and scandelous as the rest. They will make promises and not hold up to them... they will NOT back their distributors and will make sure that if one of your clients call them it will be the fault of the distributor when in fact it is because the machine is a piece of junk. More than that the people who run the company are idiots. The only reason the people who run this company (other than SS) is because daddy helped fund the deal not because they had earned it or deserved it. They will tell people how horrible the people that are with the competition and then hire them and praise them as if they are some sort of a vacuum cleaner sales god... TWO FACED HYPOCRITES...

As far as the machine is concerned it needed to stay in Germany. After research and talking with people that have absolutely nothing to benefit from this it has been found that this machine does nothing better than most of the "competition".

The machine is originally purchased for a few hundred dollars and then sold to the "distributors" for 559.00 up to 879.00 (unless that has changed over the last few months) and then sold for thousands of dollars... However if you will look at most distributors they dont have 2 dimes to rub together but the "Importers" are banking and are able to hire the most ridiculous people for the most ridiculous reasons... For example... Distributors do not care about a graphic artist when their business needs help they want someone to physically come help... After all it is all about the sales.

Please make no mistake I was a great distributor but lost total faith in the crappy product and the [censored] man that said it would all be worth it in the end.

All i have seen is: NOT A DAMN THING...

If you are even thinking about becoming involved with this company either by a career or client DO NOT DO IT!!! YOU WILL EVENTUALLY REGRET IT AND IT WILL BE THE WORST DECISION POSSIBLE.

I am sure I will get those comments about how much people love thier/ machine and how much they just love being a distributor and that is great but dillusional.

I will summarize... I wish more than anything my husband and I would have just said NO... it would have saved us so much trouble.

PS... If you deal with Mr. J McSherry he will constantly put you down and lies about you and other distributors and never to your face... beware of letting him in your business.

Mr. Schmidt is the only thing good in this entire company... Hopefully he will find a company that is worthy of his abilities and talents.

  • Ro
    rodi5 Jan 06, 2011

    Pro Aqua is another word for scam. The biggest croocks are working with them. All the good people are gone. Worked with them but got screwed big time. Thanks there are other companies like Roboclean.

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  • Ro
    rodi5 Jan 06, 2011

    Sam Schmidt is just a puppet for the company. He is a so called managing partner without any saying. Remember the guys who have the money are the decision makers not a country boy from Missouri.

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  • Fr
    FrankJr45 Feb 03, 2011

    This sounds like michelle schmidt formerly of greer, SC. Just google her old company pure elements and you will see what kind of evil lying person she is.

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  • Pr
    Previos PA Distributor Feb 03, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Frank... everything done in the Greer facility was under the direct guidance of the headquarters... proaqua ( specifically the managing directors) is currently under federal investigation for many counts forgery... proaqua is the lying ruthless and scam artists... not the reps..

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  • Ga
    gary rodgers51 Oct 18, 2011

    sounds like a crazy lady from south carolina named michelle schmidt or trease or what ever her name is. she scammed 100's of people out of there money and jobs and then left town.

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  • Jr
    J R123 Feb 25, 2012

    AHHHH!!! Yeah i'm going to cry about the people that own the company. Yeah i'm crying because I suck at my job, and I can't sell machines. Maybe people should look in the mirror before they post untrue posts. Think about it I'm out of business because I'm too lazy to go work. So I have an idea i'm going to post some stuff on websites, maybe that will make me money???
    People should be amazed with some of the comments people write on here, very funny people. Hence why they are broke!!!

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  • Pro Aqua is a horrible product and J McSherry is a liar and a thief. Sam Schmidt is a forging liar too... BEWARE!!!

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  • Th
    threecreeks May 19, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Man I wish I would have known this before we purchased this overpriced machine. It does a good job, but is way overpriced and the person who sold it to us is impossible to get a hold of when I need anything. Not worth the money. My gut told me not to purchase this and I really had a bad feeling about the sales rep, but my wife thought it would be great for my health issues so I gave in. We are just stuck paying this off and letting people know NOT TO PURCHASE THIS MACHINE.

    A Central Oregon Resident

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Pro AquaHard to use

I hate this machine!!! They should stress how hard it is to use when you have back pain. For every time it guts hung on its own wire and I have to pull on it is when I want to throw it in the trash, way to heavy. It doesnt do that great of a job for the price. They make it sound so good and after using a few times I have found out different. Now I'm stuck with a machine thats hard to use and way to pricey. I dont care who disagrees with me. I know from using and from others who have and hate theres. Pro Aqua should have to pay these off or be made to come way down on the price. They have fed off this economy that is already in bad shape not to mention people with disabilities. I could go on!!!

Pro AquaMachine stopped working - NO WARRANTY

I bought a Pro Aqua a couple of months ago. The water idea is really great! But the machine just stopped working and my store is not there any more.
I am really upset because I spent so much money on it and now there is noone to fix it! And there is no warranty from the factory. How can I get it fixed? Or can I return it somehow? I am really disappointed about the quality and the service.

  • Cb
    cbh123 Feb 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please try to call "855-PRO-AQUA" and thenh post the response you get. Thank You

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Pro AquaWont pay me

I worked for this company for 2 weeks they kept putting off paying me now they are saying i didn't do all the work required to get a check. I turned in everything required by there contract to receive a paycheck. It's a ripoff for the customer also a $2600 vacuum.

  • Jf
    JF_PPL Dec 20, 2009 name is Jason Ferreira. I can help you. Go to

    Email me at [email protected] with any questions. Have a blessed day.

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  • Al
    albert810 Jan 01, 2010

    i was considering working for pro-aqua and would like to get more info from you. have been speaking with executive director fred something? my e-mail is [email protected] thank you!:)

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  • Au
    aundy28570 Apr 19, 2010

    My brother busted butt working for the local store and was told he was their top sales person. He has to small kids and its a good thing he had my parents to help him or he would not have had food on the table for what his check was worth. The co-owner turned out to be a scammer.

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