The UPS Storeforwarding my mail

I have had a mail box at this store (#1081),
Located on Mercer Island, WA.
I relocated to the Boise Idaho area in 2010.
Since that time, I have had my mail/pkgs. forwarded to my home here in Eagle, Idaho.
Over the course of the last year or so,
It's been difficult communicating with them, and have had numerous problems with the whole process of my mail forwarding etc.
This includes not receiving actual forwarded items (lost mail), and having to constantly call-email them to do the forwarding.
The problem has gone on long enough, as just last week, I was told my mail was forwarded on Monday, and it is now OVER a week later and I do not have it.
When they forward anything to me, it is UPS'd, and they have my credit card on file, for which they charge for this service.
I emailed and called the store yesterday.
I was told the manager would call me back yesterday afternoon.
That never happened.
I need help in this matter, as my next step is calling the Mercer Island police dept., to
report my mail etc., as stolen/missing!
Please advise on how this can be resolved
and a solution for this UPS shipping store
Continued mistakes rectified- as the mail etc. that is forwarded is for my business/company
that is incorporated in WA. State.
It's imperative this issue is resolved ASAP.

My contact info for the store/box is;
Mark Edin
7683 SE 27th Street
Box 451
Mercer Island, WA

My address where mail is forwarded;
Mark Edin
3024 e Shadowcrest Dr
Eagle, Idaho

My phone is 206.420.2291

I have had box # 451 for over 8 years, and the
Mail Forwarding Process has worked great until this past year as I mentioned above.
Please let me know soon, that this issue will be resolved!
Thank you

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