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The Tax Club / RIP OFF!!!

1 NYC, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-773-7168

As with many others, we were promised many benefits. They told us of all of the things that was included in the membership. Well, you are immediately bombarded with phone calls for these services. Only to find out that each service is an additional $1, 000.00 or so. When trying to contact them, you are greeted by voice mail, only to never have your calls returned.

They make appointments for phone calls, and then they call you to reset, and some sort of emergency has come up. (Computer down, Rep got an important call etc. etc. )

This is a complete rip off. Scam artists at their best!!!

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  • Ce
      6th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I agree and I have only known them for a little while. I am so ripped off, and I doubt that I will get the money back that they took out of my account even if I cautioned them not to because it will put me in the red, and they did it anyhow.
    At first I trusted them, like they seemed okay, but I should have done this first...looked them up.

  • Da
      24th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I was a memeber for a week and have just began to try and get my money back. The Tax Club's sales people use high pressure sales tactics and lie to you to get you to pay the membership fee, which they promise you will get back ewhen they file your taxes. The cancellation processs is a labrynth of e-mail notifcations and phone calls. You are then presented with a refund authoriztion form to sign in which they are willing to refund only a small portion of your "membership fee". I am just beginning to research this company and have found several posts similar to mine. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in New York City and am in the process of contacting consumer affairs and any other organization, licensing, or oversight entity that may be interseted in this company's tactics.

  • Am
      16th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This sounds like whatI"m going through, too! Both my husband and I kept trying to tell this guy we CAN"T AFFORD another $2400 and my credit card is already maxed out from the startup costs, and I heard at least 5 times "We're not here to put a financial burden on you." Like they f'in care!!!

  • Ph
      14th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am a tax preparer. My client has paid 16, 000 for nothing of value
    The tax return was poorly prepared and did not get all the refund he legally could have had

    They loaded his credit cards and made up a storey that they would transfer the liabilities to a new corporate card. The corporate card never came

    There was no refund for services when demanded.


  • Ha
      5th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have just signed up with the tax club also and I am glad that I found this out now. I was suspicious of how legitimate they are. I actually heard about them through an online company called OHN (online hosting network). Oh and I just want to say if anyone is thinking of doing business with OHN I would advise them not to. They start out by calling you and saying for only a few hundred dollars you can have your own e-commerce website and then their advertizing department calls and asks for anywhere from $1500 to over $4, 000 for advertizing. This company is a total scam as well. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau in New York City to and also the BBB for Arizona, which is the location for OHN. My advise to anyone is to not be suckered into working from home businesses online. You just can't trust anyone.

  • Sh
      25th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    scammed us out of $ 2000.00 with promises of help with our newly formed corp. we have basically been left alone since day one hard to speak with a person almost impossible... then they are extremely rude, not angry pissed off... in this economy 24.95 per month then fee once yearly for mailing then fees for e filing unbelievable, total almost 3, 000.00 in two years for tax service 10 min conversation once a year, trying to cancel service now... how is a small business supposed to get started, when the people you think are going to help you leave you dangling in the

  • Ma
      6th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    tax club rang me today 7-march 2010 they are high pressure sales people want me to sign up and told me that my online hosting company gave them all my files and i needed to set up a LLC and EIN so that no one could sue me and this would protect my assets now. I was concerned about them haveing my details. The guy Evan R and Domenic S who's only words were Good morning said it was very important to set up a coportate idendity. He went on to tell me it would cost $2390 a one off fee. Also that this fee covered lawyers the legal documents and i had to do nothing at all as that's what the fee was for. I replied well I dont have any money available and dont work so i cant pay this money at all. This did not distract him at all and he went on to say how he could organise a credit card with 0% interest for 12 months also a line of credit for $10, 000 US dollars to use soley as a buisness card to help with tax and payment. I replied but if Im not working no bank, credit card company would give me credit and why would i get into mor debit when I have no money now. He said this thats not a problem we can sort all that out. I listened and he went on to say this can you confirm your Credit card details for security reasons. I replied well if you have them why do i need to give them too you he went on and said well we need to check that we have the correct details. I replied ok and gave him a credit card which i knew was stopped and told him it was not usuable, the Second i gave it to him he went off the phone came back about a minute later and said yeah that card is stopped do you have Phone number for the credit card company its on the back. I said no I cant see one there. He said well can you go to your bank and get the card released. I said they wont do that, he replied well how did you pay for your hosting company was it over a period of a few days since your limit is only $1000 i said not i paid with paypay he replied no we dont use them nor do we take checks. He then said ok you go to your bank get the card opened and i will ring you saturday the 18 april is that ok i said yeah ok and we left it at that. So i am very supicious about him going as quick as he could to try to get the payment also I wont use paypay ?? now from what i have read here and on other sites they are a rip off he also said the rent the entire 60 th floor of the Empire state building and are not a small company and defineatly not involved in scams. Well have no intention going to my bank nor doing anything with them at all So Beware all about them

  • Fe
      15th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The Tax Club is full of dishonest people, who will not call you back. My story is that I did not realize there was a 15 day refund policy, but I started before the 15 days. Except the emails would not go through, voicemails would not return my calls, until after 15 days. Therefore they are telling me, they can cancel my membership but I will get no money back. They are definately another internet scam company. We lost big and they just yell at you on the other end of the phone.

  • St
      27th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have just been contacted and they introduced themselves and part of a drop shipping company to help me with my business and then they said that they could set me up with a ltd company, after I explained that a company just tried to rip me off (Precision Corp). they wanted to start an llc company for me that had 330 tax deductions in Wyoming. I phoned a company from Wyoming and they confirmed to me that a company that they could not recall had tried to solicit a place on their web page for a service that would cost 3899.00. The gentlemen told me that I could get the same services for just less than what they were asking. Needless to say that when they called me back i said no. their only reply was no with a disgruntled understanding. I was relieved, cause that disgruntled reply told me what they were up to. Now as for this present company that you all are telling me about also comes from the empire state building lol. they are supposed to phone me tomorrow at 10:30 to talk with me for about 45 minutes how they could set me up all legal like and still comply with the Canadian government. I think this promises to be a treat. I am still going to research a little more yet. The problem is that this all comes after you have joined a mentoring service from the net. Even the mentoring service i joined was bulling when i asked for a refund. Now I don't even know what to do about that. I contacted my credit card company and when I mentioned BBB they kind of froze with hesitation in helping me with my situation. Sad that companies are intimidated by the thought of dealing with such authority. Makes me question any company's backbone. Where does the little guy get true help when he needs it.

  • El
      25th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The Tax Club makes you believe that they are an honest company. After I signed the credit card then all of the phone calls came. These people are high pressure salespeople that won't take no for an answer. They have good tricks to get you to continue to order services. I wanted to start a online drop-shipping business on ebay. They kept telling me if I didn't get their services that my company would fail. I ended up $35, 000 in debt with out any of the services provided. I feel that I have been completely scammed by this company. I hope people take the time to check out whom ever they are planning to do business with so they don't get scammed like I did.

  • Hr
      1st of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The Tax Club Called me too after signing up with Global Cash Flow. The first correspondence from GCF was about the "Free Consultation they had arranged with "The Tax Club" to help me with the business end and taxes for my business.
    They called and I told them that I already had a business name (for 14 years). They said I had to get a new one and to set up a new bank account for the new business name they were going to help me decide on. I told them that I would use the one I already had, but they said I had to set up a new one. That was two lies right there. It is not required that I set up a new business name or a new bank account. Then they told me that they would be handling the tax end of my business and then wanted all of my husband's financial information. I told them that he was a farmer and had nothing to do with this. They still wanted his Social Security number. I did not give it to them.

    Then I received papers for me to sign that they had filled out, which they had taken the liberty of obtaining a Small Business Corporation form, already filled - with a new ID number with the IRS. I had already told them that our tax accountant had told us years ago for my business to be set up as a Proprietorship, not a corporation. They also had filled out my name as the shareholder and that i had 100 shares or percentage of ownership. The form said for me to sign and date it and to fill in my social security number, which I did not do. I already had a business tax number and did not want another one, yet I got forms from them, showing I had a new different number - with more signatures requested.

    I called the IRS in Cincinatti, OH about these forms and told them what all was going on. They told me not to sign any of these forms, but to send the IRS form back to them with, "Cancel" the number on it. They said it would not be activated but could not be cancelled -- and to NOT sign any of the forms they sent.

    I am 63 years old and do not need all this confusion in my life at this time. By the time I got the information and read through it, I realized I was way over my head, thanks to all of this red tape and controversy. I told them to cancel this Tax Club program and to refund my money. I got an email from the only girl I had even spoken to there saying it had been cancelled. My credit card company filed a reversal. Now after 4 months, The Tax Club has come back with a from saying I had to cancel within 3 days and that I did not cancel until the 15th day and that they had sent me a form through email to return to them - which I never received. They certainly had no problem in sending me all sorts of forms through the mail for me to sign, but when it came to refunding money, they send emails??? That shows how little integrity they have. I never heard of the ladies who said they sent emails. How strange that neither were in The Outlook Express folder of all the emails received. Now 4 months later they are refusing to refund any of my $3850 because of a form they are now saying was sent to me through email.
    FOLKS, STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAM ARTISTS. They did nothing but fill out some forms and Mail them to me for me to sign, which I did not, on the advise of the IRS. They charged me more that our tax accountant has ever charged us to do both my taxes and our farm's taxes combined, in fact, it was about 6 times what our accountant charges and he has done our taxes for 42 years! We need to stop these bandits. Between Global Cash Flow Network and their referring me to The Tax Club (1st correspondence received from them), plus an internet site for a mall to be set up on the website, for another $2495, and nearly $7, 000 for GCF. There were 3 or 4 other affiliates that were calling to get a piece of the action, too. These folks have a racket going. We all need to write the BBB in both in any states these businesses are located in. The TAX CLUB IS NOT A BBB Accredited business and has already had over 67 complaints, 47 of which were in the last year. Global Cash Flow has had 110 complaints and has an F rating. HELP STOP THIS !

  • Te
      11th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The Tax Club is nothing but a scam. They will milk your credit cards for every $ possible. They are smooth talkers and put on a heavy sales pitch. They do provide actual services which is why they haven't been put in jail, but everything is drastically overpriced. After paying nearly $3, 000 membership, they set up appointments for 'counseling sessions'. These sessions are just additional sales calls selling more overpriced services. Learn from someone who has been burned, STAY AWAY.

  • To
      3rd of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Well said Terry Dold. I am so angry I wasted around $3000 for a useless program. I am in Australia and they promised to do everything to set up a fully functioning US based company for me but all they did was file the paperwork (even a donkey could do this) and I filled out all the forms anyway. Other than that the [censor] have done next to nothing and yet take significant $US30 a month for being as useless as can be. It is unbelievable. It is a scam and what they don is basically steal your money.

  • Xz
      9th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Anyone who works at the tax club should be ashamed of themselves for being assoicated with such a low company. I will refrain from repeating all that has been written about this club already, but the same thing happened to me also. I canceled within 10 days but since I was past the initial 3 days most of my "services" had already been provided. Two days after being talked into an S Corp I decided I wanted to start as a sole P instead, but could never get in touch with anyone at the tax club. Within 3 days, I had a useless EIN for a company I'm not starting, corporate bylaws which I refused at the door but was still charged for, and a generic "tax plan" which is basic tax info you can get from one book at the libary. Meanwhile, no one would return my calls, and the few calls I received for more sales pitches were eastern time, when I had specifically requested central time for all calls. These people are worthless and low!!!

  • Jo
      19th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    My mother used this system and she got scammer guard to help out. Check out there site its Very nice people!

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