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Bad service

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The Scissorhands Holland
I bought a groupon for hair perming at The Scissorhands. I went to their Holland branch. They asked me what kind of perm do I like. When I told them I want a regular perm, they insisted that they will do a digital perm. My hair has a bit of curls still from my previous perm. I was done in less than an hour and there were no change from my current curls! They told me the perm is done! They keep selling me some other treatments or services but I told them I don't have the budget for it. Do not go to this salon. They're not really providing the service that you paid for. I paid $48 for the groupon but just wasted my money on nothing.
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A  20th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
Thank you for people like you who posted this. This serves as a warning for their bad service.
N  2nd of Feb, 2013 by    +1 Votes
The Boon Keng branch gave me the worst time in my life for today! They asked me to top up 120 so that they'll use a milder lotion. I didn't want to top up and they told me they could not perm my hair since It has underwent hair coloring teatment. Crazy thing is when I booked for an appointment a month ago and told them I wanted a digi perm they disn't say anything about it and booked me a schedule instead. Don't go to this salon!!waste of money and time!
A  4th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
went to Holland V branch. Left the salon feeling angry and offended. Their psycho-ing skill is really good. They just refuse to touch your hair until you are agreeable to top-up of hair service. This is what I observe in other customers as well. I top-up a $120 for shiseido rebonding on top of my $48 groupon.
Through the process, they just try all ways to psycho me add on anther $150 for treatment. So apparently, the extra $10 for treatment purchased under groupon is just applying some cream on ur hair for 5mins. No steaming at all, of course it's not sufficient for my hair!
till the end I refuse the extra $150 top up, the atmosphere just feel tends with they offensive way of talking.
Never will I return to scissorhands! For the total price i pay, I rather return to Kimage with better service and products used.
N  22nd of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
I would like to share my horrible experience with this salon! Please note they have changed their name to Shizahanzu Salon.

They recently had a promotion on rebond/perm with shiseido treatment. I was served by Danson Tan at the Bukit Batok branch. I bought the groupon at $48 and he wanted me to top up $145 for a better rebonding product. He was really hardselling and criticize my hair so much to the extend of bringing down my self-esteem! Horrible! When i told him that I just wanted to do the rebonding as per the groupon, he became very rude. He made me sign an indemnity form and still continued to criticize my hair and warn me that my hair will be confirm damaged. What kind of salon threaten a customer like that and instead of making me feel good, my self esteem suffered! I had no confident to have my hair done by him as I have a feeling that he will damage my hair on purpose to prove his point! I think i made the best choice by walking away! I hope i can get my refund from Groupon.

Please be careful of them. Scammers!
A  22nd of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
Bad experience at Kallang, the male stylist also tried to upswell me for my highlight. Insisted my hair was highlighted before and said need to do one layer first and top up. My hair has not been highlighted for many years due to pregnancy and not wanting to use chemical but he insisted he knows best. When I did not take up his offer or another offer to upgrade to a better product he left me alone for almost an hour before another woman came to do the job, she took chunks if hair to highlight not little stripes like what I get when I visited other salon years ago. Another girl then cut my hair. The end result look ok but the first guy came and said I told you so and I didn't agree with him but kept quiet. I felt unwelcome n decide not to visit them again. A shame as I patronize scissorshand in Clementi many years ago and used to like it. They gave me a return discount voucher, I took it but tear it away after I left as I was most disappointed with the service.
N  20th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I had a last minute appointment with at Shizahanzu at Bukit Batok and they accomodate me. When I reached their salon they asked me to fill up a form, after that the bloody consultation. They asked me to pay $145 for shiseido as they said my hair cannot take harsh chemical on rebonding included on groupon voucher I bought for $40 but total amount is $260 supposedly. For $260 worth of treatment the product they use is low quality? When I did not agree to pay for another $145 they said I can still refund my payment to groupon. What the heck?! Who will pay for another treatment which you already paid for?! They said if they will use non shiseido chemical my hair will get burn.. I left their salon in anger. The next day, I went to other salon and rebonded my hair without asking me to use shiseido. And the result, my hair is soft smooth and straight. Way better than I expected. Shizahanzu/Scissorhand group on deal is a total crap. Just good in psycho-ing skill.
A  4th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
I just went to the branch at bukit batok. I bought 2 groupons at $35 each for color, shiseido hair spa and hair cut. My appt was set at 4.30pm but upon reaching the salon was full and me and my bf have to wait outside under the hot sun. After about 20mins I was told to go in 1st whereas my bf continue waiting for another close to 30mins. The lady stylist was friendly in the beginning, trying to chat with me. I overheard other stylist trying to sell treatment package to other customers, they are really hard selling. My stylist tried to ask me to top up $68 for amonia free color, saying that my hair is not suitable for the normal color dye. I refused and she got another stylist to talk to me but i stood firm, then they told me to be prepared that my hair will be very dry. She started cutting my hair without asking me what style I want. Her attitude took a 360 degree change. They are very sloppy in doing the color, the dye splashed everywhere and even splashed onto my phone. After color, she trim abit of my hair more as per my request and afterwhich she just walked away and joined her colleagues in chatting. We were left sitting there like idiots. I looked into the mirror and to my horror, there a big patch of dye on my forehead and neck, I called out to her and ask her to clean, she cleaned unwillingly and walked away again. I was so pissed. And to add on, those customers who signed package they actually send them off right to door step and open the door for them.
A  17th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
I think I'm the most idiot one==
I went there last Nov I think, bought from Groupon as well for few tens dollar deal but guess what, I ended up paid for more than $800==
Same as above customers, once I got in to their Kallang branch, they started to criticize my hair and also threaten me to add on $100+ for a better cream. Fine... I topped up as I was so worry that my hair will really become dry as what they described:(
While they were perming my hair, they start to come out with a box and said that they're having lucky draw. I got a ball which the prize is an new iPad. I was so happy (super naïve that time, still a student) and after I finished all the treatments and went to counter to pay for the charges that I agreed to top up and claimed my iPad, they then told me there're terms & conditions to claim it. I have to sign a package cost $3, 888==
Of course I rejected it as it's too much== Offer $3, 888 package for a student??? Crazy!!!
I told them I got no budget, after that they said they have special package for student, it's much more affordable at $1, 588, I was like, wow, $1, 588 with iPad, meaning few hundred dollars can get 10 treatments (no restriction, can be perming, dying etc...), I straight away paid them $800 deposit as I did not have so much balance in my bank (using debit card that time). After I paid the deposit, I asked them when could I get the iPad, is it the next day, they said "Oh, I think you misunderstood, this $1, 588 package is not entitle to claim the prize! They're just so ridiculous, trying ways to con you, so be careful!
Till date I still haven't get a single refund from them & I won't go back again. I tried to call few weeks back and ask them it's so long already, why nobody ever call me to follow up for this, they said "Miss, we thought you said you don't want the $800 anymore so we cancelled your profile and all the transactions gone" WTX, I never said such things, I scold back and then they got another staff to call me back. She then keeps persuade me to go back and said that she tries what she can do for the $800, convert it to a smaller pacakage etc...All craps! I will never believe their words again, go back??? Funny!
A  20th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
I already had the same experience a few years back in 2011. I'm shocked they are still surviving and employing the same tactics. Bought a $48 Groupon for rebonding. Travelled all the way to their Holland V branch. Topped up $120 for a better rebonding, and then some treatment on the way. At the end I was so "lucky" that I got a 10% off in the lucky dip so I bought shampoo and conditioner suitable for my newly rebonded hair. Spent more than $200 in all. Felt like I had gone to all the trouble to buy a Groupon and travel there when I could have just done it elsewhere more convenient at this price.
A  18th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
I bought a Groupon $48 for Shizahanzu Bedok. It was the most convenient location so I just decided to buy and redeem there. Initially they were quite ok, very friendly and made me filled up a form and they found out I was a teacher so they asked me questions about my teaching life, bla bla bla. Then they told me to do top-up for a 'better' rebonding effect. I was quite hesitant, but they seem so genuine so I thought, "Ok then". Fine, then after the rebonding we had to rinse right? So before the rinsing, the stylist psycho-ed me to top up to do the treatment. Bloody hell, none of the treatment were cheap!!! So I said, "No". And they continued to psycho me. By this time I cannot tahan the harrassment, I just wanted to end. So when everything finished and I wanted to make payment, they psycho-ed me to take up membership! Which cost hundreds after discounts! I was like "NO WAY" (in my head) and the bloody manager was there so this stylist is like so pressured to psycho me. Dun ever go to their shop. Boycott them!!!
A  27th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
i had the same thing happened to me at bedok point branch. I should have read all the reviews before i bought the groupon. I paid $48 for a rebonding and hair treatment. when i reach there, the stylist after he "surveyed" my hair said that my hair is very dry and i should top up $120 for the soft rebonding. After i said i'll just go with the normal rebonding, his manager evelynn came over and say my ends will get frizzled and already my hair is very dry. And say if i proceed to go for normal rebond, i have to sign the indemnity form and whatever happens to my hair they are not liable for. At this i was very mad, i said since i didnt top up, they are going to treat my hair badly. She said i only paid $30+ for the rebonding what kind of solution can i expect? she wont know how the solution will react to my hair. She's the rudest person i've ever met. I really wanted to walk off and ask groupon for a refund but i already came all the way so i stayed for the rebonding.The actual person who did my hair Michael is not too bad, he was still trying to sell me packages at the end of the rebond but he at least he was polite and seem quite nice. i guess he was pressured by his manager evelynn. i left before they blew dry my hair as i couldnt stand being in there too long. when i reached home, i realised the treatment wasn't even washed off properly and i had clumps in my hair! Dont go to scissorhands/shihanzu...
A  14th of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
I bought a Groupon for $45 for the service of cut, colouring, treatment, wash and blow.
So I made an appointment and head down to Bedok Point mall. The shop was a mess. Towels and bottles were on the floor, used tea cups and biscuit wrappers left by previous customer were not taken away. Magazines were also scattered all over the place.
The real deal. The haircut was more or less fine. Though I wished she consulted me first before snipping off a chunk of my fringe, now it is too short! Then the colour stylist came and talked about the different brands of hair dyes; those with Ammonia and those without. Of course he talked about the price difference. I told him its fine and to go with whatever the groupon offered.
Problem 1) Then I chose the hair colour. I chose a light brown tone as I normally do with any salon and nothing ever goes wrong with that, but this stylist refused! He was adamant about it. He refuses to do the colour on me as he claimed that I need to pay $88 more to do Session 1) balance my current hair + Session 2) Do new colour. I told him I still want the light tone and he said “If you want uneven tone, can do yourself right?” WHAT?! This was downright RUDE. I’ve never been insulted by a hair stylist in my 5 years of going to the salon.
Problem 2) I told him I will take the risk with the uneven tone ( I do not believe it will turn out that uneven. He must be unskilled if he could not even it out). He still refuses and said “It will hurt my reputation if you walk out with uneven hair”. Enough said, he was being LAZY. I have been to other salons where they put the colour in the roots longer than the ends so that it will turn out balanced.
In the end, he only offered me black or darkest brown.
Problem 3) He was still pushing me to pay more to get the “better” brand dye. I stood my ground and refused. As he was fixing the hair dyes, he shouted over “If your scalp itchy tonight, it’s OK right?” Again WHAT?! This was becoming outrageous. Threatening that I will suffer consequences for not changing to the “better” brand!
Problem 4) After much agony of not getting the colour that I wanted, it was time to wash and blow. The stylist did not even listen to me! I said I wanted to blow/iron straight. And he said, “I want to blow curls at the bottom, long time never do curls hehe!” Again WHAT?! Nobody was listening to me! It is my hair and it is your job to style it according to MY preference. Am I training doll? This place was beyond belief.
Finally it was all over. I had curls that I did not want, the colour I did not want, and the fringe I did not want. I stormed off the salon without bidding goodbye. I went to the washroom to fix my hair.
In conclusion: This place is unethical and has no intention of honouring your groupon. They also make you feel awful about yourself if you don't pay the extras.
A  17th of Apr, 2014 by    0 Votes
Agree I should have read this review early, my scalp stain with purple dye. Almost 4-5 hours at the saloon really nightmare after bought groupon coupon at the scissorhand bedok point
A  17th of Apr, 2014 by    0 Votes
Agree I should read this review early and happen to me after the hair dye stain on my scalp bought coupon from groupon and used it at the scissorhand bedok point #03

A  24th of Jul, 2014 by    0 Votes
I agreed to all the comments above!

I should have look out for reviews before buying groupon vouchers! Argggh!
I don't have a regular hair stylist and then chance upon groupon, i thought to give it a try to see if they are good. I bought coloring and treatment package (which i deliberately buy the highest amount option)I went to the branch at Upp boon Keng, same as many experienced, they told me the groupon entitled to a 'not a very good quality' dye products so suggested to top up.
I was like "WTH!" I bought the more expensive groupon but it was still not meant for better chemical! For the sake of my hair I obliged to top up.
During the process, they were friendly and kept chatting to me, then they started selling me their package which I refused to budge. It sum up to be closed to $300 at the end!
They told me the cost of my coloring and treatment will be much lesser (can't rem how much) if I buy their package...
These sales tactics made me feel so turn off!
Call me stupid, idiot, greedy, naive whatever, I bought a package of 10 sessions. I thought since I do not have a regular hair stylist and their services was not bad after all, this is just a way of doing business so why not. It worked out to be $128 per session which is not cheap but not very expensive either. Not that I am rich but I like to do treatments for hair and the very good products usually cost around this price or more . I felt that their hair treatment was quite good so I decided to give them a chance.
So far I went for 2 treatments, on my 3rd visits I decided to color my hair again and do treatment, I know they will deduct 2 treatments, but in between they added a scalp care treatment which they said will calm the scalp after colouring . I thought this is part of the treatment, they didn't highlight that THIS MEANS THEY WILL DEDUCT ANOTHER SESSIONS. So end of the day, 3 sessions were decucted which means $128 X 3! WTFFFF!!!
What to do??? I'm such an idiot! I have alteady paid for the package so I can only suck thumb. Demand for refund? Is it worth my time and effort to go through the hassle? Maybe i will do that when i have time. For now, i decided to share it here. Laugh at me as much as you want. I hope my lessons learnt will help people to find out more before committing to anything.
N  12th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
Their branch in Clementi is a crook! They have done the worst color and hightlights to my hair, first they apply a base ash brown coat to my hair then they bleach my hair thereafter comes the wash and blow-dry and that's it. The highlights are so badly done with uneven patches of color in my hair and the left side is brighter than the right side of my hair !!! I went to them to complain but they claim that I have to pay more than $100 to re-do so I walk out swearing never to go back to these crooks again, NEVER!
N  18th of Nov, 2014 by    0 Votes
The branch Manager Evelyn Soo at Bedok Branch is super rude. Imagine being served so rudely by the manager. They will hard sell you and then treat you badly after you buy the package. Truly regret spending so much. Dread going back there. Most of them are Malaysians and don't know what is good service. It is very strange because I have been to many top end salons in KL and never treated so badly. The stylists in KL can speak English and have good customer service attitude. The worse is part is that they walk around like they are so high-class but actually nothing more than a neighborhood barber with fancy shampoo.
D  28th of Nov, 2014 by    0 Votes
All of the comments seem to be very bad, but me on th opposite side, i'm satisfied and very happy with how my hair is done. I went to the clementi branch, got greeted and served immediately. They gave me a form to fill up for th groupon voucher. Then proceed to do my hair. My hairstylist was Calvin, and he was very friendly. His english wasnt so good(which applies to most of the staff. they speak english unprofessionally BUT IT DOESNT MATTER). He gave me a wash first and talked to me about what shampoos are good and which isnt. Then we proceed to cut my hair, and i showed him how i want it to be. & he ask me if i wanted it to be my shoulder length or shorter etc. Then it was time to do my hair treatment. He tried asking me to upgrade to a better treatment which can last, but i declined and he did not push me to upgrade it at all. He said it was okay if i dont upgrade and that he was just suggesting it was just a better treatment. We then got my hair washed after 20-30 mis. & he finished up w a super nice hair blow! i was really impressed and very satisfied! (i got a terrible haircut 2 weeks before and this made me so happy)
A  26th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
The earlier complaint about the shop's hard selling is very truth.

The moment you walk in, you are supposed to pay more than your Groupon price.

I bought a Groupon deal that give you "Hair Dye/Highlights + Treatment + Wash and Blow"
Walk in ...already been persuaded by Stylist to upgrade the product to be used for dyeing (varies from $68 to $100+) in addition, try to persuade me to buy the scalp treatment, etc.

When I was willing to pay $68 to dye my hair, they said that I cannot used my Groupon deal to highlight my hair.
They wants me to pay $117 and the reason is there are 2 services. If 1 service, you pay $68 but if 2 services, pay $117.

This is not all, in the mid of the service, they try to sell you packages, various from $600+. When you refused, they offer a smaller package of $300+ and if you still refused, they offer one that is $199.

The objective is to make you pay and pay the moment you step in and before you leave.

Their service is more expensive than the bigger Salons. Overheard them quoting $30 for just trimming the ends to an auntie who walks in.
And, a boy ask for student fare, they claimed that they only offered student price is he is below 15yrs old.

So, don't buy the deals to go to them.
A  27th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
I should've done my research as well before buying the groupon. Bought the $58 groupon for rebonding x shisheido treatment x hair cut and went down to the bukit batok branch since it was the nearest.

Biggest mistake. When I'd arrived, the initially very friendly hairstylist served me a cup of tea and did scalp analysis for me. Proceeded to say that I have horrible dandruff and oily scalp. When we sat down for what I was supposed to be there for, she kept convincing me to top up an EXORBITANT $150 for shiseido products and showed me the awful smelling rebonding cream that came with my groupon. Obviously no girl would want their hair to be spoilt/damaged by low grade chemical products (rebonding itself is already VERY DAMAGING to the hair) so I'd relented.

Here comes the nightmare- while the application of rebonding cream was relatively okay other than occasional splahes to my face (after all, the hairstylist is human, but hey, I'd paid $208 in total! It's Kimage pricing so I expect Kimage standard too but nah), the branch manager came over and offered help to the hairstylist who was doing my hair. No idea how he became the branch manager. Oh, that was after another hairstylist came over to blow-dry my hair together with my stylist. Both of them seem to have some vengeance against my hair. ALL THAT TUGGING and my hair LITERALLY BEING PULLED OUT during blowdrying. Goodness. Even the cheapest salon I've went to, they blow-dry my hair gently and with combs, not like the bare hands they use here! :(

Okay, back to branch manager helping my hairstylist to rebond. The way he used the straightener: TUG-TUG-TUG-TUG (multiple times) and PULL. Imagine that over half my head. It was so agonising that I told him but he simply ignored! WHAT KIND OF ### ATTITUDE IS THIS!?

When I went home an hour later, I was SO DISAPPOINTED to find that my hair wasn't quite straight as I'd expected and it lacked the usual shine and lustre after rebonding that I'd done previously.


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