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This is a real estate publication that sells advertising to reale state brokers. For less then 12 15k you can have this bussines up and ruinning. I invested in this businness and lost time and money for two years. The boast they do not have royaltie fee's, territory fee's, advertsing fee's. What they dont tell you is you must print a minimum amount of books each month. These are slick sales people. The Real Estate Book ( New Media Point ) has been on the decline since the Internet. Try selling pages for 300 350 a page to brokers. With all the free media out there, trust me print is dead.. This is a bad investment stay clear of this company. Do your homework find out how many publishers bought into this company and just walked away from it. You need at least 40 pages of advertising to make money after your expenses you will earn about 25k if your lucky. Distributing the magazines, Gas, Printing cost, eat up all the profits. You could go to a independent printer in PA and print the same book.
the difference is you tell them how many books to print not like New Point Media where they tell you. Homes dont move in the winter and summer months leaving you with all the exspense when you can not sell paqes.

Apr 25, 2014

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