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Continued to bill monthly, but only ordered the book on back pain, and only authorised that payment.
Same problem as other posts.

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  • Ev
      Sep 21, 2010

    Hi Ron,
    I've reviewed the order you placed with us and with your book you also included a product that had a 30 day preview period and if not cancelled a newsletter would be mailed and charged to your credit card. The billing terms for the newsletter are clearly stated before you clicked the "Add to My Order" button however if you did not want to add to your order there was/is also a link to decline that offer.
    I will email you the link were you added this to your book order so you can see that we have not charged you for something that you did not sign up for.

    I will cancel you for further shipments/billing of our newsletter.

    Eva Klein

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  • La
      Oct 18, 2010

    I live in Ireland. I was a happy customer. I purchased the losethebackpain program and the Heal N Soothe pills before and I was very satisfied. Now I recently tried to buy 3 bottles of Heal N Soothe as it was on sale. I used my VISA Debit Card. My payment was declined each and every time I attempted to make a payment. There is nothing wrong with my debit card I booked flights and hotels before and after my payments were declined. The problem is on their side obviously. I have sent numerous emails to them I have an open ticket but all they did was asking me to call them on a 1-800 number what can not be reached from Europe obviously. Today I called them on another number. No apologies at all. They are aware of 2 payments of $158.00 which is about € 200.00 however I have € 450.00 on hold on my account for Healthy Back Institute. They told me that they can release the payments one by one which could take 7 days.

    Now I cannot get the medicine as I don't want to go through this again. I would love to be able to buy it but it seems like I can't. I hope I will get all my money available for me again. I am very disappointed.


    Laszlo Nagy

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  • Le
      Jan 01, 2017

    I didn't go through with the order once I had seen that the 'free' samples weren't actually free and postage and packing was charged. I saw that the rates were rather exhorbitant and could see that Jesse Canone was trying to make money through postaged and packing rates. He could have been more honest and admitted that the samples weren't free and would cost so much with a realistic charge for postage and packing. His company knew I had clicked on the link to be sent the free samples but not had proceeded with the order so then I received irate e-mails from him asking why I hadn't done so. I could smell a scam and I'm not surprised that once he has your credit card details he will continue to take money from your account. I downloaded the free e-book but didn't read the book fully and now I wonder about whether the advice in the download works. I stopped reading his e-mails sent to me and would shove them out of the way into a folder on my e-mail account. Recently I decided to unsubscribe and deleted every single e-mail sent to me.

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