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This site is an absolute scam . We paid the fee & submitted our son's picture for the December 2016 contest, we shared the post through Facebook every single day on the last day December 31, 2016 my son had 1900 votes ! No other child in the contest had near as many as him, On January 19 (which the contact says it would be posted on January 15 )the winners were posted on the website & not one of the kids that they claim won were in the contest they give posted pictures on kids that didn't participate ! I want everyone to know DO NOT put your child on the cutekid website & DO NOT give them any money because your child will not win . They are using parents to get publicity for theirselves . I'm am very upset because me, my husband, & family work hard getting those votes & my child was never being judged from the start

Jan 20, 2017
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  • St
      23rd of Jan, 2017

    I was afraid that this was happening . I two entered my daughter into the free people's choice contest for December 2016 .

    My daughter had a total of 599 votes which I have documented and I have emailed them several times asking where they post the winners for the People's choice awards . I keep getting a response back with a woman simply saying we apologize for the delay and we will be posting our winners soon .
    If you look back on all of the previous months they never actually post a People's choice winner . It's sad because this is the free contest and they promise the winner $500 . I plan to publicly announce on Facebook that it is a scam by tomorrow morning . What a joke and I agree a waste of everyone's precious time .

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  • Li
      4th of Dec, 2017

    WE had the same problem here in Brazil qith my family and friends!!! I got 1600 votes for my baby daughter and the kids classified were not on the contest!!! Doing a double harder campaign now to destroy this contest!!!

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