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The Burlap Bag / Seriously bad business ethics

1 Colorado Springs, CO, United States

I totally agree that this place is not worth your time or money! I knew the girl that used to work there who was dropped from the schedule without any explanation. When someone actually says 'they are too rich to care' what people think of's probably time for them to retire. They talk about disgruntled ex-employees like they were bad apples but the truth is that they are cruel to the people that work for them. They don't train properly. There are grown women working there that act like junior high school bullies. Even the owner acts like a bully to new people. I happen to know that they have a huge turnover rate for a reason! I also know for a fact that the owner Diane went on and posted the good reviews that they have to try to counter the bad reviews that they are actually getting from past employees and customers alike. I wouldn't shop there even if someone handed me a hundred bucks and said, "here go to the Burlap Bag" and buy something. I would rather not give any type of support to this business because they truly do not care about their employees and are extremely rude to their customers. They have gone through so many people, they make McD's look bad! Perhaps if they treated people like actual human beings...why don't they see that the common denominator is NOT all of these employees (and there are a TON of them)...but rather themselves, because they treat people like Pigs Poop. Don't support business owners who don't care about their community, their employees and their business ethics.

May 26, 2015

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