The Bradford Exchangetrying to sort out my over payment

Ordered pooh coin for £9.95 and something else can't remember what but got invoice for pooh coin £9.95+numb (whatever that is) £9.95+blisterP (whatever that is) .I got the coin and folder, the total amount for it is £19.90+£2.99 postage =£22.89..I went on line to pay by card, filled in the form didn't think it went through so done it again thought it didn't go through so did it again, then found out that it had gone through so over payed .I rang the phone number that saids 24 hours a day 7 days a week ([protected]), after about 15 minutes a machine answered and said there is a high volume of calls waiting time up for 30 minutes press star leave number call you back in 8 hours.No call back this was Friday 7 dec so rang on Saturday about 15 minutes later machine answered we are closed for the weekend, not happy about this, i rang up on Monday at 13.20 waited for 10 minutes again a machine answered high volume of calls press star leave number call you back in about 8 hours so left number [protected] .over 9 hours later no call back so i rang again 10 to15 minutes later machine answered and said office is closed..So much for their 24 hour 7 day a week, so that's a lie for a start. So all i ask is instead of a machine is to talk to someone and to answer my questions and sort out my over payment..thank you hope you can help me..Mr p stringer, email p.g.[protected] or phone number above or on 07909092059g

  • Updated by Patrick stringer, Dec 10, 2018

    Still trying to sort out my over payment they are false advertising on their invoice when it says phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week when a machine answers we are closed at night and at weekends how do they away with it

Dec 10, 2018

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