The Best PC Doctorcharge of $149.99 for technical support, which I found out was a scam!

F Nov 29, 2017

3 years ago, in December 2014, I was contacted by The Best PC Doctor and informed that I had a virus on my computer; being gullible, I accepted their offer of $149.99 charge for 'technical support, ' and they were paid via my Mastercard; they emailed me with Invoice Number "g2, " and gave me "Customer ID: 194645." On the invoice is also noted the following: "Date/Time: 1-Dec-2014 12:58:14 PST Transaction ID: [protected]

Technical Support Hours: 24/7 Billing Department Hours: 9am - 5pm PST TheBestPcDoctor IS an INDEPENDENT TECHNICAL SUPPORT PROVIDER for a large variety of third party products, brands and services.TheBestPcDoctor has NO AFFILIATION with any 3rd party Brand's unless otherwise specified Readmore..

I had never been able to get through to this company for any problems with my computer. Also, to best of my knowledge, I've never had any problems with my computer.

Totally forgotten about this company, The Best PC Doctor, until today, Wed Nov 29 2017, when I received a phone call from a guy named 'David, ' who claimed to be calling from California (although number he was calling from is located in NY), informing me that 'The Best PC Doctor' is no longer in business, and he needs to have me log into my computer and assist me to receive a refund of $199.

I am not inclined to allow anyone 'log into my computer' to take control over my computer!! I insisted that he (David) sent required paperwork to my email (which he has, somehow), and allow me to fill out necessary info in order to be refunded. 'David' refused to send me any documents, via email, insisting that I call him back to be assured that he will, indeed, assist me to fill out document in order to receive a refund from Chase Manhattan Bank (for the company, The Best PC Doctor, for charging me a lifetime of service, which they cannot provide, as they are no longer in business).

David gave me the following numbers: [protected] AND [protected].

I would love to be refunded the amount I had paid to receive Technical Support (which is the amount of $149, not $199), from a company that was actually a scam and had no intentions of providing me with service of any kind.

How can I get my refund of $149, especially since I do not want 'David' or anyone else logging into my computer; I actually stated to David that I cannot understand why someone must log into my computer to provide me with a refund of any kind!

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