The Apparel GroupI am so proud of birkenstock's lady in sahara centre sharja.

I always wear Birkenstock shoes only because of my health problem. I do shopping from UAE because in Kuwait they don't have many styles. When I reached Sahara center mall I saw advertisement as its opened in ground floor. I was really happy and I inter the Birkenstock shop. They was three people in side the store. One fat boy and two ladies. The one long, thin and have chocolate color so beautiful lady assisted me . She looks like happy. She helped me too much she bring me more than 15 boxes with different styles. She have fast movement in the floor. I was looking her co-workers no one tired to help her. Both was chatting in their mobiles. I guested her nationality but she have unique beauty I asked her "Are you from USA ?" She was laughing and told me as she is from Eritrea but her dream country is USA. She is so friendly girl she forced me to make surprise for my wife because of new collections. It was not my plan. But when she said the word "SURPRISED" I feel something inside. I bought to my wife and my kids also. And she brings me sprays. I asked her "Is it free?", She said " Ya its only 29 and 25 Dilhams" with her smiling face. I bought it I dont have time to do spray brush but am so happy about her help and the way she assisted me. When I tried all the shoes the floor was full of cartons and pair of shoes she dont care about it she focused how to sale it only. No one came and help her I feel bad because her budget is written in learning. I asked her why you are more experienced and you budget is IN'LEARINING ...she told me as she is new and she is in learning. When I saw her co-workers its written they names I feel shame of the managers. If she is in learning why they didnt help her even one box? whats the meaning of in learning in that store? They was chatting in their cellphones whose in learning? SHAME OF MANAGERS IN SHARJAH STORE.
When I was finished all shopping she thanks me in amazing way ...
Its my first time I saw hard worker girl in Birkenstock because I visited Abu Dhabi Deira city Centre Al GhuraDubai mall...almost all
But I am thinking still now all the staff gets they salary the same her? If I had power I wish I could give her all they staff's salary for her. She is shinning as sun as.

Jan 27, 2017

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