TextBroker Internationalunethical treatment of authors

They closed my account after I reported a former roommate for defrauding them. She had 2 accounts using different names and possibly social security numbers. She also has several felony fraud charges that I wasn't aware of until I moved in with her. They insisted that I was logged into an account that wasn't mine when I submitted the complaint about her but I absolutely was not. I was on my own account that nobody else has ever used besides me. They won't actually talk to me, but they did collect the money from clients for work that I did and won't pay me for it. I'm sure their clients would love to know that they are making them pay for articles from an account they have deemed fraudulent. They won't even give me a chance to verify anything.

I want my account opened back up so I can at least get my money from it. I enjoyed writing for them and would love to do it again as long as they don't do something like this in the future.

Jun 08, 2018

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