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July 3, 2012 I arrived at approximately 4:40 pm to have dinner. First we were seated at the wrong waitresses table. We were aware of this when our waitress Megan seem to rush us when ordering. She later told us we were at the wrong table and this belonged to someone else but continued to wait on us. Everything seemed rushed as we tried to decide what to order after returning several times before we had time to look at the menu.She came twice to clear her ticket and we were still eating and found out she was getting off and trying to get her tip.Two other waitresses came over and informed us we were at the wrong table and our waitress was gone. My friend replied "what does that have to do with us?"The waitress said we were holding someones table. Is there a time limit when you have to eat and get up? My friend informed them we prefer to sit and talk and then I asked her if she was asking us to leave so we wouldn't block her tips and she said yes. It was very distasteful we could not sit and talk and there were numerous tables available. We gave 1st waitress over $7 and the second $20and asked to leave, how awful. This really spolied the day and we got up and left. We did not owe 2nd waitress anything because we were finished when she began work. How horrible to ask us to get up. She was compensated for the tip she thought we were making her miss and I am sure it would not be $20. Robbie Johnson.10300 Lanehart rd. Littlerock, ar 72204. Please respond.Thank you.

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      Jul 03, 2012

    Giving people like that a tip makes them worse. I would have demanded the Manager come over to see me, and I would have made one hell of a fuss there and then. And I would have stayed and stayed and stayed, and told the stupid waitress very loudly '

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