Telegram Auto Grouptelegram auto is scam - they scammed me (november 2018)

Telegram Auto scammed me recently and i lost all the Bitcoin money i sent to them for the software.

Last month October 26 2018, i chatted Telegram Auto to know if their software is in good standards and they told me it is, and i was told where to pay which is their bitcoin or ethereum wallet.

I had to borrow fund from my friend in etherum which is 0.12 ETH and i paid Telegram Auto ( [protected] 0.12 ETH to their Ethereum Wallet on October 31 2018 and i got a reply in less than 4minutes. That was fast!.

They sent me a link to their demo version so that i can download and install it so that they can activate the software for me. They told me to send my Software ID when i launch the app and they will activate it based on that, i did just so.

I was then told they have activated it and i am free to use their service which is ( Add members from a telegram group to mine and send bulk messages) Unlimitedly.

When i exported the members, it stopped at 100 members but on their site ( it is written 700 is the limit. Also, the bulk message is 3000. But bulk messages stops at 100 just like the export feature.

That aside, if that was the only problem, i wouldn't bother, but imagine that i couldn't even add the members i exported.

After adding one member, i get an error message " Can't add user". I contacted them and get a reply very late, in fact, days later, compared to how fast they were when i sent the fund to them.

They told me they will send the error to their technical support and they didn't reply to me for weeks, and i kept sending them messages to reply to me and they didn't.

Later they did and started blaming Telegram API for their software not working. They told me to have patient and i did. I kept following up and asking for the fixed software and i never got a reply till date.

Just 4 days ago, Telegram Auto software couldn't even open again. I keep getting " Telegram Auto has stopped" on my PC.

I have been scammed for life.

I have sent images of our conversations.

Also, i will like to say this: This is not the first case of Telegram auto scamming people and many reviews have been posted by users in Complaints board. All Teleramauto do is post fake positive comments to keep their reputation.

They are bad and they are scammers. They need to be out of Google!

Telegram Auto Group
Telegram Auto Group
Telegram Auto Group
Telegram Auto Group
Telegram Auto Group
Telegram Auto Group

Nov 28, 2018

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