Teechip / supernatural car poster

Columbus, NE, United States

I ordered a Supernatural Car Poster and I received a different poster that is definitely NOT the one I ordered. It's not even a Supernatural poster! I don't know what it is! Please correct the problem and send me the poster I ordered as soon as possible! I have ordered from Tee chip before and never had any problems! I have already paid for the poster according to my credit card statement, and I'd like to receive the one I ordered! Please contact me at my e mail, susan.[protected]! ASAP!


  • Updated by Susan Hansen, Jan 17, 2017

    You sent the wrong poster to me! I ordered the supernatural car poster and I WANT THAT ONE, I don't know what poster you sent but it isn't SUPERNATURAL ! PLEASE FIX PROBLEM RIGHT AWAY AND SEND ME THE SUPERNATURAL CAR POSTER ASAP!

Jan 17, 2017

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