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United States

Teechip engages in unethical and deceptive behavior. In my case they advertise the product would ship in 3 to 5 days. It was ordered on 4/12 and as of 4/24 the status was still processing with the last update listed as 4/18.
On 4/21 I was concerned that I had not received this product so started checking on its status. On the order status page of their website they offer two methods of communicating with them, live chat or email. I first chose live chat well within their stated hours of operation. Over an hour later, when they were technically closed, there still was no response to my chat request.
I also used their email link which offered preset options, one of which was order status and another was other. There was an advisory stating that it would take up to three to five days for a response to Other.
I chose order status and later in the day received an email stating my order was Processing. This email offered the option of replying with a free form response which I did. I then received and auto reply directing me back to the original email link which only offered the same pre-chosen choices as before.
On 4/24 I checked the order status and found the latest update was still 4/18 processing. I then notified my credit card carrier that I was disputing the order as a means of cancelling the order.
During this waiting period I attempted to call Teechip, which was met with more unacceptable resistance. During the automatic answering segment, which requested I either tap in or say my order number, I repeatedly got a voice recording saying my order number, which alternately quoted either the first 5 numbers of the order or the last 2 of the order, was not a valid order number. I received this response irregardless of the method I used of entering the order. I never was able to get past this order number prompt.
On 4/28, 16 days after I had placed the order, I received an email advising my order had shipped This is a far cry from the advertised 3-5 day shipping statement in the advertisement for the product which was also present in the confirmation email I received after ordering the product. I do not know if this was in response to my disputing the charge with my credit card carrier or not. On 5/2 the order did arrive.

May 4, 2017

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