TBDress.comdelivery of goods not fit for purpose

I have ordered a jacket from TBdress. Prior to ordering I meticulously checked the size guide to ensure that what I ordered was correct. I also checked my measurements with a local tailor to make sure that everything was ok.

When my jacket arrived it was almost hilariously disproportionate! So much so that the sleeves only came down to my elbows. I say "almost hilarious" on account of the intransigence and downright mis-information I had been given by customer service regarding delivery of my item. To say the least, the customer service I received at this point was misleading. I was offered a credit of $5 dollars for the inconvenience and delay.

I contacted customer services to explain to them about this debacle, to be informed that the item could be returned and a full refund made for my item, however I would be liable for shipping costs.

The jacket cost $44.46 and delivery was a further $9.97 for shipping for a total of $54.43.

After explaining my tribulations to customer service, they kindly offered me a gesture of goodwill of $10 plus the afforementioned $5 for shipping delays. For a total of $15. The conditions of this being that I keep my presumably fashionable shortsleeve, badly made jacket without returning it.

Again I might find this humourus if it weren't for the fact that after any credits or goodwill, I would still be out of pocket for $39.43 for the most worthless, unusable garment I have ever had the misfortune of setting eyes on.

It has been explained to me that nothing further can be added to the offer that had been made regarding $15, citing that the cost of labour and manfacturing must be taken into account.

After considering this carefully, I think that you and I can both agree that the reason companies use manufacting partners in Asia is because goods can be produced at a fraction of the cost with minimal labour fees. The term "sweat shop" comes to mind when I mull on this fact.

Frankly I would find the offer of $15 laughable if I weren't so annoyed and irratated with what has been the worst customer journey of my entire life.

I will return the jacket in line with the policies of your website which I have examined closely, meaning I will be refunded the $44.46 for the full price of my item.

As a resoltion to my complaint, I want your company to reimburse me for all the shipping costs I would have incurred due to this farce. That being the $9.97 for shipping to my home and also any shipping costs that would be incurred for sending the item back to wherever is it that people actually enjoy winter jackets but also like to have cold arms because of curtailed material on their appendages.

If you cannot aquiese, please provide me a detailed description of your full complaint process, so that I may escalate my complaint to the next level.

I understand the laws and legalities of how your company conducts itself internationally and find it ironic that any sales made outside of the US are governed by Polish law.

The irony is that I in fact am Polish, and am familiar with the governing body "Rzecznik Finansowy" or financial ombudsman.

Looking through the multitude of unhappy customers which have posted and complained regarding the same or similar issues, I would be extremely surprised that no one would have been in touch with their office.

In short, as mentioned, I will return my item unused and unwashed in original packaging for a full refund of the item.

I want to be reimursed for any and all shipping costs incurred.

I also wish to be provided a reference number for this complaint and an explanation of your full complaint process and details of how this matter can be escalated if I remain unsatisfied.

Lastly I would add that I do not wish to keep my item which is completely useless and the worst quality I have ever seen. I cannot wear it, and there is not another person in the world that I know who would be satisfied with it.

My order number is: 9242117
Sub order number: 9541693

Thank you
Kind regards

Nov 29, 2018

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