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Taxmasters / Fraud and scam!

1 900 Towne & CountryLnHouston, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 832-735-6046

This company charged me $4, 000 under the pretense that they would renegotiate my $12, 000 debt to the IRS down to about $.30 on the dollar. They were to set up a power of attorney with the IRS and act as my agent to stop any harassment. They were to set up a hearing to renegotiate my debt and ex-IRS agents would use every trick in the book to lower my debt. I hired them November 5, 2007. In March I received a notice from the IRS that I was going into levy. I called Taxmasters repeatedly trying to get someone to tell me what they were doing to stop it. I was passed around to many different people, none of whom had any clue what they were talking about.

Realizing that I was being scammed, I went to the IRS and stopped the lien against my home and set up a payment plan so I could receive my paychecks again. The IRS informed me that Taxmasters never filed a power of attorney with them, and never set up any type of hearing. They took my money and did nothing. I am out $4, 000 and Taxmasters basically told me that since I was foolish enough to sign their agreement they did not owe me a penny back. They justified this by saying I had spoken to one of their people on the phone. That was the service they had provided. Go to the BBB or TX Attorney General before you use them. I have been told they are even under criminal investigation by the Harris County Atty Gen. These people are not even CPAs or attorneys. That is how they claim they owe no professional services. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit against this company please let me know. I have found many others who have been scammed as well.

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  • To
      15th of Apr, 2008
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  • Br
      12th of Jul, 2008
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    Last July 30, 2007, my mother sent in a $2800.00 because they asked for the money up front.

    I had been in a motorcycle accident and was disabled for six months. Disability insurance did not cover my expenses. I took my 401K to live on and taxes were taken out however, the IRS claimed that I owed $29, 000.00.

    Tax Masters runs adds on TV constantly, expecially on FOX News Channel and we felt that they could help settle this debt.

    It is now July 2008, nothing was done on my behalf. My tax return was confiscated and my check for the economis stimulus was confiscated.

    Calling Tax Masters leads no where and there were dozens of calls made. I think there were at least 4 different people in charge of my file.

    I am now going to file a complaint with the local police department and the local news channel investigative reporters to help get the money my mother paid back.

    I have also filed a complaint with the Attorney General of NC. The state in which we were living at the time of this transaction.

  • Ri
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    Taxmasters cause me to lose everything, that meant anything to me. Let's shut this company down, by getting help from a lawyer, that has enough confident in himselfs to help the little man, that is being taken and laugh at by this corrupt
    business.everyone that has been taken, contact me, and lets put are heads together and make them pay, for misleading us.

  • Ri
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    I strongly agree contact me

  • An
      25th of Aug, 2008
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    taxmasters was the worst. made my IRS nightmare worse. (how is that even possible?) no help. Stole my money. Did not do anything. Illegally took money from my account after I canceled services. Put more time into the BBB complaint rebuttal than my case. Very interested in class action lawsuit. Have supporting evidence of claim.

  • Nv
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    Taxmasters is a fraud of the worst kind. Taxmasters preys on people when they are at their lowest. We experienced very similar situation with the company fraudulently taking $1400.00 out of our account. We tried continuously to get a hold of someone with in the company to find out what was going on. It wasn't until I threatened them with further legal action that anyone spoke to us. Even then they kept trying to convince us to do business with them. Taxmasters is ### and people who work there should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Yo
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    See all the other complaints...

  • Da
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    I contacted the Better Business Bureau FIRST and determined that there were HUNDREDS of unresolved complaints against this company and that the BBB had give Taxmasters an "UNSATISFACTORY" rating.

    I have since contacted a legitimate IRS/tax consultant with an "EXCELLENT" BBB rating. Don't waste your time or hard-earned money with these scammers. So many people have been suckered into a relationship with this criminal organization due to their radio and TV commercials. I am amazed that broadcasters have continued to allow the Taxmasters commercials to be broadcast due to their bottom-feeding tactics and cavalier attitude toward returning up-front payment from trusting individuals.

    Anyone who starts a class-action suit against these felonius jerks certainly has my personal support.

  • Va
      29th of Nov, 2008
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    I hired TaxMasters to help resolve my tax issues - to date they have done nothing. I hired then on November 7th 2007. I originally spoke with Brian Gordon, then since I have spoken to several people that have come and gone from the employ of the company. I have made numerous phone calls and sent multiple emails. I get the run around that someone will get back to me. However, I do not hear from them until I call or email then they again state that someone will contact me.

    I grew tired of the problems and hired a local Tax professional to assist me with my taxes. I still need to make arrangements with the IRS and Maryland regarding my owed taxes but at least they are now at a manageable level due to the assistance of the CPA. I am wanting a complete refund from Tax Maters - the amount that I paid them will help resolve a good portion of my tax debt.

    I have also filed a complaint with the Houston BBB - let's see what happens!

  • Ar
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    My father was also scammed by this group. If any of you are interested please contact me. We are seeking an attorney to represent us. The more people that join the better chance we have in bringing these people to justice. I hope for the best. It seems like they are getting so much money ripping off people.

  • Jr
      14th of Jan, 2009
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    I agree. They tried the same scam on me this past summer. My job closed down, and I had to tap into my 401 to pay bills until I could find another job. I failed to report this on my tax return. I owed the IRS almost 12000.00. I am out 1000.00, but I did not return to them the authorization papers they requested. The weasle I spoke to on the phone was giving me confusing info about what they could do to fix my tax problem. It appeared to me that the money they were requiring was equal to or greater than if I paid the penalty myself. He tried to threaten me with some sort of verbal agreement issue. I'm glad I did not give them the amount they were seeking. I settled with the IRS myself. I have noticed that there are more of these types of companies appearing all over the place. They are trying to do the same scam as Taxmasters. They look for loop holes in the law, and feed off the problems of others. Our law enforcement doesn't seem to care because you have tax issues with the government anyway. The government needs our tax dollars so they can bailout the really big scamers. Consumers are getting it from both ends.

  • Fo
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    I am going threu the same thing with TaxMAsters right now. When I first contacted them, I asked if they had Tax Attorneys on staff. The said they did. I told them my problem of being taxed on my disability Insurance income at 100%. My boss told me that I would only be taxed 2/3 total if I was off the parole by EOY 2000. I asked if they could take on the responsibility of contacting my old employer and getting my W2's amended. They said of course they could do that. I gave them over 6k$ back in June. I just received a letter from IRS saying they are going to Levy my Social Security check. They have been taking 15% of it for 5 months. When I called TM's back they told me I didn't sign up for what I told you and refused to refund any of my money. I too am interested in a Class action law suit. I am going to contact the MD states Attorney today as they are commiting a crime. SInce it's interstate via TV Networks they are also guiolty of the RICO statute.

  • Do
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    Couldnt agree more... I got suckered a year ago and am still doing the dance to get a refund...Im thinking of flying out there

  • Na
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    Iwas ripped off by taxmasters as wel.l .They took $7500 to represent me against ny state but as soon as they got paid I never heard from them and callingthem only made me feel more frustrated since they always send you to their message box. there is a good news however. I spoke to Tavis count DA and she told me that they have investigated taxmasters for fraud and the investigation has been taken over by the U>S> department of treasury. she gave me their address and told me to contact them as as soon as I can I have written them a l etter and I think everyone else should so that the case will be more damaging against those crooks

  • Ca
      5th of Jun, 2009
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    I'm looking for Tax Master's victims to join me to file a class-action lawsuit against Tax Masters. I talked to Tax Masters about their services, initially agreed to hire them, then after I looked at the paperwork they sent, I decided I didn't want to work with them. I immediately notified them to let them know I didn't need their services, but they charged my credit card anyway. I've made repeated attempts, via the BBB, to get my money back. The Tax Master's rep keeps saying that I entered into a verbal contract that is binding and they're not going to give me a refund. I've stressed that I don't want them to represent me and I will NEVER hire them. They still haven't refunded my money.

    If your story is similar to mine, I taking all necessary steps to file a lawsuit against Tax Masters. My lawyer would prefer to expand this suit into a class-action. If you're interested in joining a class-action suit against this dishonest business, please send your brief story and contact information to: I'll keep you posted.

    Lastly, I strongly urge everyone to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney Genera, Harris County Attorney General, and send a letter to your state representative. Tax Master's has been screwing people long enough. Let's go get them. My goal is to bankrupt them. Are you with me?

  • Cm
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    My fiance called tax masters after seeing their promising commercial and when i over heard him giving them his bank account number and other bank info over the phone, i immediately became concerned. why do they want his account number, why have they been calling him every day when the first initial payment isnt due untill the end of the month. So i decided to look them up online and what do you know; hundreds and hundreds of people complaining about their services, and how they robbed them. Thank God people like yourself post information like this for others to see. i;m very sorry for everyones loss, and would never wish this kind of thing on my worst enemy. to take advantage of people who are already in a financial rut is just sickening. My fiance changed his bank account and weeks later tax masters is still calling him. good luck getting us to hire you tax masters.

  • Lo
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    thank you for all comments. i too am in way deep with tax problems but thanks to all of you i wont be falling in deeper with this scam. thanks again i cannot afford to lose anything elese.

  • Ef
      22nd of Jan, 2010
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    Taxmasters - tax help
    United States

    Without Doubt, , the worst company I have ever dealt with in my 40 years in business!!!
    It took "6 MONTHS" to get Taxmasters to move on my problem!!!
    No return calls, no return e-mails, cut off on the phone when I asked to talk to someone, , on hold for half an hour was normal.
    Wrote to Patrcik Cox the founder, by certified mail, , , No Response.

    Took my money and sat on it for over 6 months.
    In the end they did 'nothing'.
    I finally elswhere, another tax service.
    They started on it the day I paid them and they have it almost finished and solved within a week.

  • Ta
      7th of Mar, 2010
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    I have been ripped off by tax masters also .They were hired to help me with an id tax theft issue and they never did anything took my 3, 000 and never heard from them again.

  • Co
      21st of May, 2010
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    The above contacts are all good public resources. There also is a private law firm specializing in issues with this specific company. The website is

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