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Tax Masters / Fraud

1 CA, United States Review updated:

I am just another victim of fraud from Tax Masters! I rejected their services and didn't sign their contract. They stole $4000 from me. Tax Masters high pressures their victims like me into sending them money misleading the victim into thinking the IRS is going to levy their accounts and garnish their wages immediately if funds aren't sent to them.

I rejected their business and did NOT sign any contracts and yet they won't return my $4000 they charged me! They then lie and say there was a verbal contract and a third party! If that wasn't the biggest lie I ever heard then why did they send me contracts to sign?

Tax Masters are total crooks. I can't believe there are so many victims on this board and these guys are still ripping off people as I write this. Where is the justice in America anymore. What does it take to help victims like me out and to protect future victims from Tax Masters ongoing FRAUD??????

Please e-mail me if you have any positive advice to help. I will gladly join in any Class Action Lawsuit against them.

Thank You Brian

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  • Ge
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME! I am an OLD man with very limited resources...

    I am a 65 year old Vietnam veteran who chose to retain the services of Tax Masters after hearing certain radio host giving them a thumbs up.

    After a few conversations with them over the phone, I decided, and notified them that I did NOT want to go ahead with their services.

    The next day tax masters illegally withdrew 2, 500.00 dollars from my acount. I have everything in writing, emails and phone conversations that my rfefund would be issued in 90 days.

    Its now been 120 days and still no refund. All i get from them is that the check is on the presidents desk waiting to get signed.

    The crooks that run this scam are good at taking your money and not returning it. I have made more than 40 calls to them in the past month. Still nothing!

    Please advise on what to do, an d what your experience with Taxmasters has been!

    I will help you do what it takes so no one else suffers at the hands of Tax Master Frauds!


    PSS. I really dont know what to do, I am old and very hurt by this. Please someone help ME!


  • Da
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    ALWAYS check with the Better Business Bureau FIRST...that's what I did and discovered that these scamming jerks have a file of hundred s and hundreds of unresolved complaints against them. Honest, hard-working people with real IRS challenges have been hoodwinked by the slick radio and TV commercials from these vultures. Thank God I was not one of them, and I ended up with a legitimate company with an excellent BBB rating. My program of resolving my IRS difficulties is now legitimately under way, and I am tremendously relieved that I checked with the BBB FIRST.

  • Sc
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    These people are compete frauds and their service is a scam. They prey on desperate people who are being threatened by the IRS, promise you everything in the world until they get their money, then do nothing. They were supposed to file my power of attorney with the IRS, which they never did, they were supposed to prevent my bank account being levied, which they never did. They don't return phone calls, they don't get back to you, and they keep you on hold forever as a way of making you go away.

    Take my word for it. They have no more influence with the IRS than you or me. Negotiate your own agreement with the IRS and avoid these Tax Master scam artists.

    I'm suing to get my money back.

  • Ch
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    WHY didn't you Google search them to check for complaints against them? why, oh why?
    I simply can't understand why otherwise intelligent people behave like ###s when it comes to these scam companies.

  • Ch
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    It is hard to feel sorry for stupidity!

    Doesn't anybody ever take the time to Google search a company BEFORE giving out their personal credit info?

    I can't believe how gullible people are these days. It's almost like they were born YESTERDAY, with the intelligence of a baby. You cannot trust ANYTHING OPRAH, Tom Bosley, Rachael Ray, or anybody else advertises! That, sadly, is a fact of life these days.

    DO NOT believe ANYTHING, ANYBODY says or recommends about ANY product or service, on ANY website, on ANY TV or RADIO program or COMMERCIAL. The infomercials you see on TV are the WORST SCAMS ever, They will SCAM you for THOUSANDS of dollars, if you are dumb enough to fall for their GET RICH QUICK lies!

    The PHONY BALONY NAMES these companies use just scream SCAM but apparently some of you STILL can't hear it !!!
    There is NO magic pill for anything!

    Many of these SCAM companies are not based in the USA, but you don't usually know that when you order. SO DON'T ORDER!
    Once you give them your credit info, it is then TOO LATE to change your mind, even if you TELL them you do NOT want to order before you hang up or get off the website! The "free Trial" STARTS the DAY YOU CALL TO ORDER their crap...Not when you RECEIVE the product. They delay shipping it to you so your "FREE TRIAL" has expired BEFORE you even receive their SCAM product. then they start charging your card anything they want because, technically, YOU GAVE THEM PERMISSION TO CHARGE ANYTHING THEY WANT! ALL the "FREE TRIALS, just pay S & H" is set up this exact same way, No matter which products or guarantees or testimonials they may tell you about.

    This DAZZLE WHITE, Reg cure/ safe cart, Power Colon Cleanse, Erase Credit Card Debt, Colon Cleanse 3000, RezXtra, VIV3 ACAI life CLEANSE, GOOGLE FORTUNE, ACAI BURN, ACAI BERRY BREEZE, GRANT WEALTH KIT, Dr. FLORAS COLON CLEANSE, GRANTS, Acai Advance, ACAI BERRY DETOX, Google Biz Kit, ACAI BERRY MAX, Nature Cleanse, Pure Resv, Maxaciburn, WY YI tea, HealthRezV, TAX MASTERS, All the free money GRANTS sites, colon cleanse, Miracle Beauty Creams, get rich quick, Tax Settlement claims and buy houses for $300.00, pennies on the dollar, mortgage refinance, Mortgage Modification, Weight Loss, Gold buyers, Payday Loans, Penis Enhancements, Dating sites, Auto Insurance (US Fidelis & others), credit card relief, and all the "free trials, just pay shipping", are ALL SCAMS to get your credit information. They will promise or Guarantee you anything it takes to get your credit information!

    ALL of the so-called GOOGLE ADS are a complete SCAM, No matter which website you saw it on, Do not believe any so-called testimonial, they are 100% FAKE, PLAYED BY actors. If you don't BELIEVE me, try one or two on this very Complaints Board page, I dare you!!!

    Please read the TERMS OF SERVICE of ANY product carefully before ordering ANYTHING. Stay safe …DON’T order anything from the internet, TV or RADIO. Most of the time, you can't read this until you have given them your credit information and by this time, it's too late! If they want to put you on a recurring monthly charge, or sign you up with some other "FREE TRIAL", STAY AWAY at all costs.

    These recurring monthly charges are hard to win against your credit card and banks because they will argue that you AGREED to the charges. The Scammers KNOW that, also. Your only recourse is to claim that your card(s) were lost and do it THAT DAY, don't wait!

    We are a nation of naive, trusting people thinking we are about to get something for nothing or near nothing.
    All we have to do is freely give our credit information to a voice on the phone we can BARELY understand, or worse, to a scam website we never heard of before. We give out information to them that we would NOT give to our most trusted BEST FRIEND. It's no wonder America and Americans are going to HELL in a hand basket.

    NEVER, EVER RESPOND TO ANY INTERNET AD, TV OR RADIO AD, NO MATTER WHAT THEY PROMISE OR GUARANTEE and no matter which program or website you saw or heard it on. They are all lies. The so-called testimonials are paid actors, NOT REAL, ACTUAL TESTIMONIALS. Their Guarantees are worthless, they mean absolutely nothing.
    Do you REALLY think they would allow a negative testimonial in their commercial?

    Has it ever OCCURRED to you people to try to get these goods or services LOCALLY first? And if you CAN'T get it LOCALLY, you DON'T REALLY need it.

    It looks like almost all the companies, anymore, are getting on the SCAM bandwagon, (Price line, Pro Flowers, SMC,, a lot of the major banks) except possibly the LOCAL ones.

  • De
      10th of Dec, 2009
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    This just happened to me.. I had been with Tax Masters for two years. I had a defalcation/embezzlement that happened to my company and me 10 years ago. It took us two years to bring the party to justice. They were convicted of aggregate felony theft. (they stole also the computer and physical records for the two years that caused the problem with the IRS) Many attempt to work with IRS, no help. in 2005, granted Chapter 7 in which the IRS was included. Still no help. Tax Masters promised to come between me and the IRS. We filed Offer in Oct 2008, In Sept.2009, finally got meeting with Tax Masters, asked them to call IRS to check on status. They said they wanted to wait two weeks(Until Oct 09, then in there for one year and had to approve). Nope. Got letter Oct 2, that they were "returning"..not rejecting. Aparantly there was some info that they asked Tax Masters for that Tax Masters did not respond to. I was on their rearends on a daily basis, ie ; emails, phonecalls, etc to call the IRS. They kept saying they called and the IRS would not answer their calls. Finally, Fri. got email from Tx Masters, that the irs denied offer and we would have to start over(for more money). They were going to keep the 750.00 that we had included toward the first offer, and the Tax Masters had been paid upfront 2650. I decided to call the IRS myself. Guess what? Tax Masters Lied to me. They NEVER called the IRS. The IRS agent on record answered the phone on first ring. There was no record of Tax Masters ever calling. Further, IRS told me what I had been asking for the past six months.. there apparently been a letter they sent in July requesting more financial info; and even though I asked the agent at TaxMasters to "double check"s, as I had movedover the summer, they did not. Tax Masters, further had received the letter(they got a correspondense every time I did).. Two years of my life WASTED.. because of Tax Masters negligence and deceipt. Not only did they lie. If they had just called the IRS(which they charge each client in their line item 500.00 for contacting and meeting with IRS), they would have found out what the IRS needed, and the IRS would have worked with us to get the info in, and not return. Now, I have to start over. I have a meeting on Mon. with Tax Masters. I am going to show them the copy of the letter the IRS was kind enough to fax to me (that Tax Masters did not respond to)in July. That is what got us rejectd. And their negligence and enept ability to simply do their job has not only cost me over $4, 000.00. but cost me the last two years of my life, and I have to start over???? Can there be anything done? Can we at least take these guys to court and have them remove their false advertising that Patrick Cox does every time he gets on Fox or other channels and spews out his lies about getting in between me and the IRS and SOLVING our tax problems... He just caused my problems to escalate.. I have a good reason for an Offer, and they were close to granting it, they just need a bit more info)(ofcourse, they had requested different things atlest 3 times in the two years)...But Tax Masters complete incompetence cost me more than the 4, 000. They cost me not to be able to start my life for how much longer????? ----------------------------------

  • Ex
      5th of Jan, 2010
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    Pat Cox is currently a Certified Public Accountant licensed by the State of Texas ( ). Your complaints about his deficiencies can be filed with the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy to get him sanctioned and and possibly shut down for discreditable acts against the profession.

  • Ta
      29th of Jan, 2010
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    I went to TaxMasters for help. They used scare tactics to sell me. I fell for it because I didn't know any better. After they didn't do ANYTHING for almost a month except tell me that I owed more than the IRS said I owed and that they would set up apayment plan for me for double what I had already paid, I went to the BIG SCARY IRS. THEY helped me in three days do what I had already paid TaxMasters to do. It turns out that the IRS owed me money! Tax Masters was going to set me up to pay $63, 000! TaxMasters is a terrible company to do business with. Worse! They are pure evil! The people that I delt with were all very nice to me personally and very happy to help me become completely destitute. The time that they caused me to lose cost me my credit because if they had advised me properly instead of telling a bunch of lies I would have been out of Levy in a couple of days, instead I was in Levy for over a month, so I was late on everything, my bank account was overdrafted and my family had live through December on $438.00! I sent them the letter below and have not gotten any relpy from them. I will tell everyone that I can how they ruined me.

    TaxMasters shall regard this letter as legal written notice to terminate all contractual agreements and/or arrangements made by MY NAME (SSN xxx-xx-****) with TaxMasters, a business located at 900 Town & Country Lane, Suite 400 Houston, TX 77024. Be it also known that this includes any and all Power of Attorney authorizations which are hereby revoked and terminated upon the writing of this letter. TaxMasters shall cease and desist in further works or actions in the interest of MY NAME (SSN xxx-xx-****) . All works or actions in the interest of MY NAME (SSN xxx-xx-****) by TaxMasters and any employee or agent acting for TaxMasters after the date appearing on this letter are to be considered null and void by all. This termination is to take full effect immediately. No further payments will be made to TaxMasters. The bank account that the drafts were authorized to be drawn on has been closed. Any further collection attempts by TaxMasters or any employee or agent acting for TaxMasters will be met with legal action and full refund will be pursued.

  • Ch
      29th of Jan, 2010
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    Did you know they are now a publicly traded company?

    Their stock symbol is TRXS, as of 1-29-10, their stock is selling for $0.86 per share.

    Since when does a SCAM outfit like Tax Masters get on the stock exchange?

    That just proves, to me anyway, that the stock market is a big scam.

  • Jd
      30th of Jan, 2010
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    Isn't it amazing that Tax Masters' ads (still airing on CNN and ESPN) say that they will make sure the IRS will treat you fairly and with respect! What? How about Tax Masters treating their own clients fairly and with respect! I've never dealt with a more fraudulent company.

  • Wh
      16th of Feb, 2010
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    Brian, I, like you, was taken for $2500 by Tax Masters. I have been working with the Better Business Bureau of Houston to resolve the problem. They have helped somewhat in contacting TM, but the BBB has no real power to force a refund. As a matter of fact, read Tax Master's blog about the BBB and consumers contacting them. Tax Masters has an F rating though they are NOT a registered company with the BBB. Easy to see why.

    I also contacted my state Attorney General's Office regarding consumer fraud. I did not sign anything from Tax Masters, yet they took money from my bank account which I have since closed. A consumer fraud attorney advised me that without a SIGNED Power of Attorney, Tax Masters has no legal right or means to represent us to the IRS. Therefore, no services can be provided. Payment for no service provided would seem to warrant a refund. Our state AG's Office asked for my documentation which I provided. So, we will see.

    If there is a consumer fraud attorney that would be willing to file a class action lawsuit against Tax Masters, I would be the first to join. This company is fraudulent and how they treat people is just plain wrong.

  • Tr
      16th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hello Everyone:


    I am trying to forward information to the attorney who is reviewing our potential Tax Masters class action suit. Please forward the following for our preliminary summary:

    Contact Information
    Summary of Your Issue with Tax Masters
    Amount Loss

    Please forward this information to me at your earliest convenience ( in order for me to compile and forward to the attorney. I will keep you abreast of the status.


    Pam Mitchell, Sr. Paralegal
    (504) 234-5202

  • Mk
      7th of Mar, 2010
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    I have a Small Claims Court action against Tax Masters of Houston that will be heard in the Pinellas County Courthouse, St. Petersburg, Florida this Thursday, March 11th., 2010 and will post the results. The tactics everyone is posting - hurry up and get your money in - and no results - no refund and no action - are typical. They even claimed that we owed the IRS "no money" after I had sent them our Amended Tax Return and letters from the IRS. Still Patrick Cox is on TV every day hawking their services. Willing to do anything to stop these people!
    Kaye Coddington
    Seminole, Florida

  • Tx
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    There used to be a huge blog filled with TaxMasters stories and complaints. They sued the guy and he took it down. Here's an archive of it though:

  • Tx
      17th of Mar, 2010
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    1. There used to be a huge blog filled with TaxMasters stories and complaints. They sued the guy and he took it down. Here's an archive of it though:


    2. Apparently there is a US Treasury investigation into TaxMasters.

    US Treasury Department
    Attention: Agent Farwell
    1919 Smith Street
    Suite 2270
    Houston, TX 77002


    3. Additionally:

    If you've been a victim of TaxMasters, below is a good starting list of everyone you should send a letter to, detailing your experience. Signed and mailed letters are often still taken more seriously than an emailed or faxed one. You should also include any/all supporting documentation/evidence.

    This really is needed. The sooner these agencies receive more complaints about this company, the more they will investigate.

    1. Your state's Attorney General
    2. All of your state's Senators and Representatives (Federal and State)
    3. All of the following:

    U.S. Treasury Department
    ATTN: Special Agent Farwell
    1919 Smith St.
    Suite 2270
    Houston, TX 77002

    Texas State Board of Public Accountancy
    333 Guadalupe, Tower 3, Suite 900
    Austin, TX 78701-3900

    Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
    P.O. Box 589
    Ben Franklin Station
    Washington, DC 20044-0589

    Office of the Attorney General of Texas
    PO Box 12548
    Austin, TX 78711-2548

    U.S. Department of Justice
    Office of Attorney General
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20530

    Internal Revenue Service
    Office of Professional Responsibility
    SE: OPR, Room 7238/IR
    1111 Constitution Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20224

    Better Business Bureau of Houston

    Federal Trade Commission
    Consumer Response Center
    600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20580

    Mayor Annise D. Parker
    City of Houston
    P.O. Box 1562
    Houston, TX 77251

  • Po
      4th of May, 2010
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    Tax Masters are frauds! My boyfriend hired them to help with taxes and wasn't satisfied with the service so he sent them a letter telling them they were more or less fired! Well after several attempts to call them and never getting a call back he was sent a letter saying they would'nt give him a refund! Although the contract stated he could get a refund if he was dissatisfied. They screwed him out of $4000 and only had 1 20 minutes conference call with the IRS! What a bunch of DOPES! I hope they get SUED![censored]s!

  • Ch
      4th of May, 2010
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    Man!, you really told them off, didn't you?

    [censored]s my ###!...They should not still be breathing!

    One of these days, people will learn not to trust anybody or any tv, radio, or internet commercial!!!

  • Tx
      4th of Jun, 2010
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    Well it finally happened -- government action against TaxMasters:

    May 13, 2010 CONTACT
    Press Office at
    (512) 463-2050

    Houston-based "Tax Resolution" Firm Charged With Unlawful Conduct, Misleading Customers

    Texas Attorney General files enforcement action against TaxMasters, Inc.; cites nearly 1, 000 complaints about defendants’ conduct and business practices

    HOUSTON – Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today charged Houston-based TaxMasters, Inc., and its chief executive officer, Patrick Cox, with multiple violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act and Texas Debt Collection Act.

    According to the state’s enforcement action, the defendants unlawfully misled customers about their service contract terms, failed to disclose its no-refunds policy, and falsely claimed that the firm’s employees would immediately begin work on a case – despite the fact that TaxMasters did not actually start to work on a case until its customers paid in full for services, even if that delayed response meant taxpayers missed significant IRS deadlines.

    “In the midst of a national economic downturn, TaxMasters used a nationwide marketing campaign to offer services for distressed taxpayers who needed help dealing with the IRS, ” Attorney General Abbott said. “A state investigation and nearly 1, 000 customer complaints indicate that the defendants routinely misled customers about the nature of their tax resolution service agreements – and worse, attempted to enforce those improper agreements through unlawful debt collection tactics. The state’s enforcement action seeks to prohibit the defendants from continuing to violate the law and seeks restitution for the financially struggling taxpayers who were harmed by the defendants’ unlawful conduct.”

    The defendants advertise a tax resolution service for federal taxpayers who have received notice from the IRS of an audit, garnishment, lien, levy or tax deficiency. Citing a self-styled “national advertising campaign” and high-profile “endorsements, ” TaxMasters purports to have “one of the most effective tax relief teams in the tax representation business.” However, a state investigation – and nearly 1, 000 complaints submitted to the Office of the Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau of Houston – indicate that the defendants have unlawfully misled their customers and failed to disclose material facts about their service agreements.

    TaxMasters’ advertisements encourage taxpayers to call its toll-free number for a “free consultation” with a “tax consultant.” Court documents filed by the state indicate that callers are not connected to an employee qualified to give tax advice, but rather with a TaxMasters salesperson who recommends a “solution” for between $1, 500 and $9, 000 or more.

    According to court documents, many callers were offered an installment plan so that they could pay the defendants’ fee over a specified period of time. However, callers who asked to see written terms and conditions prior to making a payment were informed that a credit card or bank account number is necessary to generate a written TaxMasters service contract. As a result, TaxMasters customers were unaware – and the defendants’ personnel did not have a practice of disclosing – multiple aspects of the TaxMasters service agreement that were harmful to taxpayers.

    For example, the defendants did not disclose that all customer payments submitted to TaxMasters are non-refundable. Because customers were not provided written contracts and sales personnel did not reveal the no-refunds policy, customers did not know that they would not be able to recover any installment payments they submitted to TaxMasters – even if they ultimately decide to cancel before TaxMasters actually did any work on their tax case.

    The state’s enforcement action also cites TaxMasters for failing to reveal that it would not begin work on a case until all installment payments had been remitted and the entire fee was paid. Multiple complaints indicate that customers entered into an installment agreement with the understanding that TaxMasters would immediately begin work on their case – only to discover later that no action was taken. Customers often learned that there was a problem when they received a notice from the IRS indicating that an important deadline had been missed or that additional fees and penalties had accrued.

    Court documents filed by the state also indicate that the defendants failed to disclose TaxMasters’ requirement that customers pay the entire service fee – even if they opt to cancel their contract. Because customers are not provided a written contract, they were not properly informed that agreeing to make a single payment over the telephone obligated them to pay the entire fee quoted by sales personnel. Further, not only did TaxMasters attempt to obligate its customers to a fee in the absence of a signed contract, the defendants used unlawful debt collection tactics to enforce the unauthorized obligation.

    According to the state’s enforcement action, the defendants not only failed to disclose material terms and conditions governing its services, but also failed to properly provide the “tax resolution” services that were advertised. Customer complaints obtained by the Attorney General’s Office cite TaxMasters for failing to contact and consult with the IRS on the client’s behalf; failing to appear on the client’s behalf at an IRS audit or hearing; failing to postpone or stop a wage or bank account garnishment; and failing to stop a levy or lien against a client’s property.

    When customers who were unhappy with the defendants’ services sought refunds, TaxMasters refused to return the customers’ money. Court documents indicate TaxMasters not only refused to honor refund requests, it also pursued debt collection efforts against clients who cancelled their contracts. The state’s enforcement action charges TaxMasters with unlawfully threatening to pursue customers in Harris County courts, even if those customers did not reside in the county. Under Texas law, entities seeking to enforce a consumer contract can only do so in a county where the agreement was executed or where the consumer resides.

    The state's enforcement action is seeking restitution for each TaxMasters customer who was financially harmed by the defendants’ unlawful conduct. In addition, the state is seeking civil penalties of up to $20, 000 for each violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

  • Wh
      25th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Finally, someone has found a way to stop these people. Thank you, Texas Attorney General, for your diligence. I hope to see restitution in my complaint!

  • Bo
      2nd of Jul, 2010
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    Will there be a class action law suit filed against Taxmasters. I was a victim of this company of crooks.

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