[Resolved] TapJoyrewards not received after making purchase for kobo offer

I made a purchase (with actual money!) on Kobo through TapJoy with the expectation of receiving 67200 avacoins as a reward.

The purchase was made on May 12th 2018. Tapjoy was running a 2x reward weekend offer at the time. The payment went through and I gained access to the e-book.

I waited 24 hours but did not receive the reward. I submitted a ticket through the app and was asked to submit proof through e-mail on May 13th 2018. I submitted proof in the form of a picture of the offer on TapJoy, a picture of the Kobo e-book, and a picture of my paypal receipt. The minimum to receive the reward was 8€, I paid 9, 75€ for an e-book.

Since May 13th I have heard nothing and I have not been issued my reward. I have since replied to the proof request twice more, with the same pictures, but have heard nothing.

This is the first time I spent actual money to complete a Tapjoy offer and it is absolutely unacceptable that I not receive my reward. I want my coins or money back.

Thank you for any help.


  • Resolution statement

    I continued mailing my proof once a week and asking for help. Yesterday on the 12th of July, so after two months of mailing them weekly, I finally received my avacoins (slightly less than the original offer promised) and a mail saying that I had been rewarded the avacoins. I was contacted by Sara D., reward specialist, using the following email: [protected] I hope all you frustrated tapjoy users get the resolution you deserve as well.

May 31, 2018

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