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I have been playing Covet Fashion for approximately a year now and have had repeated problems with getting the rewards that I have earned either by surveys, videos, slideshows, pages of pictures to go through and purchases. Either I get a response of "you have already been awarded for " (whatever the items is that I've done)", in which I've never viewed the video, taken the quiz, viewed the slideshow, looked at the pages of pictures or done surveys or I get a message that we are backed up but will get to you as soon as possible! My most recent one that has me the most hacked off, is I purchased a pair of Bedphones which was an offer through the game which was on Jan 6, 2017 and it is now Jan 12, 2017 and I still have not received my 6000+ diamond credit for my reward. I submitted a ticket concerning this and the response back was that I didn't do something correctly! I did everything as it was given to me to do. I also sent in a copy of the receipt. Still nothing. This is ridiculous! I have contacted Crowdstar about how much I have been ripped off, unfortunately, I am the one that has to take the time and send in all the ticket numbers so that I can get the rewards that I worked at earning because no one has a breathing warm body working anymore and has computers handling complaints. After this, if I don't get any satisfaction, I will be contacting their Better Business Bureau. I have read way too many complaints about their company, that should send up red flags in their company but maybe they just aren't in the good customer service business!

Jan 12, 2017

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