TapJoyI did not receive my reward tokens for following abs 1. diabetic recipes 100; 2. see if you qualify for free phone; 3. answer three short questions

My name is Dorothy Morton. I am writing to complain about Tapjoy reward token system. The three above ads I completed and still did not receive my reward tokens. I think that you need to let people know that even through you complete information need you still will not get reward tokens. Let people know enter at you own risk. For example in getting 100 diabetic recipes i completed request received my recipes, but when I did not receive reward tokens I submitted request. It came back that I did not complete abs. My question is if I did not complete abs how did I get recipes. The second is see if you qualify for free phone. I completed information and it said I did not qualify. I submitted request it came back saying I need to call phone number to get tokens. But if it told me I did not qualify why do I have to call a number. Then number 3 if it said answer three short questions and I did. Why do I have to continue and give all my information and answer other questions. I think this is an sham and wanted you to know how I feel

Nov 23, 2018

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