TapJoydesign home; scam reward system

I have been completing offers left and right on design home... Every time I complete a substantial offer I am given some run around excuse on why I am not receiving my rewards... I have sent in all the proof, screenshots, everything possible and I will get a email back stating I didnt download the app when I clearly did, I have been completing offers for years I know I have to go through the link to download the app and I do every single time yet they tell me I dont and when I send in the proof that it was downloaded they simply ignore my emails and dont contact me back... It had gotten to the point when I want to give up playing these games period, nor even figure out how to sue because this is my time and energy I am putting into these offers and not being rewarding in the end, is telling me that my time doesnt mean anything to you guys at all! I mean 50 plus hours that I haven't been rewarded for, I should have around 200 thousand diamonds but dont because of the run around or telling me I didnt do something when they are clearly looking at the proof that these offers were completed I am so frustrated and angry it's ridiculous this has been going on for months and I am now deciding to research and see what I can do about this scam...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Flint, MI Because that is what it has become to me and many more ppl who complete these offers and dont get rewarded, it's a scam! I am seriously going to figure out a way to sue tapjoy for my time and enegery wasted. This is a scam! No doubts in my mind anymore. Like I said i've been dealing with this issue for months, even close to a year, and it's always the same bogus responses... I know I have to follow the link to download the app, I do every time and still your company tells me I did not even though I am sending them every bit of proof possible! And since i've complained every single time I try to complete an offer now it says failed and when I send in a complaint ticket it tells me i've been red flagged!!! Red flagged for what? Wanting my time paid off, wanting the reward for the completed offers?!? I am so confused how this is even legal to waste ppls time like this. I will be researching and figuring out how I can start a lawsuit. And after reading everyone else's complaints, I dont think it will be too hard. I have every screenshot still proving these apps were downloaded, offer completed in my phone along with every email responding to my proof with, "you didnt download the app." well I just leveled up 8 times on an app I didnt download, how about that???

  • Updated by Jennifer Martinson, Nov 21, 2018

    There is a huge group of ppl on fb with the same issues all of us are having pls search and come join us in the lawsuit against TapJoy! There is hundreds of us already!

    design home; scam reward system
Nov 21, 2018

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