TapJoycustomer service (not rewarded tab)

There is a growing problem with offers that we are still working on, falling off our pending (Not Rewarded ) tab. This happens if we open the cover photos for others offers...whether or not we click to engage the offer. It pushed offers that we are working on currently further down the list...until it ends up falling off. I wish this could be fixed that the Not Rewarded tab would ONLY include the offers that we have clicked to engage the working link.
Last night I reach the offer goal on a game - it did not issue a reward immediately, however it had fallen off the list and I unable to submit a request to customer service. I have searched everywhere online for an alternate way to contact you. This effort was fruitless, so I must file this formal complaint. Maybe you can make the Not Rewarded tab longer, listing a larger quantity. When double currency sales occur, this problem hinders us from doing a large amount of offers because we all know that almost everything requires us to prove our completion of offers to you. So if this is the current atmosphere in which you are going to operate, you should make suitable allowances for us to see your services as a value worth doing.
What are we to do in this circumstance?
P. S. Why is it that you do not publicly state how many tickets are allowed to be submitted within a certain amount of time? I know of hundreds of people who get flagged for sending in 3 within 24 hours. What is the threshold so we can be assured that you will not deny products and services that we have paid for?

Nov 22, 2018

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