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I swear to every god worshiped on earth, that if this site just stole all my information and life as a US citizen I will find a way to get back every dime they use in my name from you!

I was trying to earn some currency for an app and I saw this "free" credit score service. I thought I would give it a shot to learn about ten minutes later it may have been a scam AND I never got the in game currency (battle cats 540 cans).

They literally have all the info to make a clone of me and go on a crime spree that I am the victim of. Solve this issue as soon as possible, for my sake AND yours!


Apr 28, 2017
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  • Dr
      7th of May, 2017

    I may have to agree. I asked them to deactivate my account and cancel the subscription and they gave me a 10 minute speech about how I could enjoy their benefits when all I told them was I wanted to deactivate my account. 7+ times I told them "No, I'm only calling to deactivate my account". Now I feel as if I might be a victim of their services!

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  • Da
      16th of May, 2017

    Oh geez, oh geez, oh geez, Oh geez, oh geez, oh geez

    I dunno man I hope I didn't just get my life destroyed for some stupid credits

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  • Ki
      23rd of May, 2017

    @Daniel A Varas Did you call them and cancel? What did you do? Are you okay now? Please let me know! I did the same thing! Ahhh Im such an idiot!

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  • La
      19th of Jul, 2017

    They charged me a dollar, then a week later charged my credit card, did not send an email at all. I didn't see until a week later. They require you to call in to cancel, upon calling, the guy was extremely rude and said I signed up for them to charge me $30 which is ridiculous. I told them to give me s refund as I didn't even get a receipt, they denied me and the guy got angry. I cancelled and asked to speak to a supervisor and the guy started laughing and told me he'd transfer me. He hung up on me instead. I called back and the new rep asked for my acct number and her line was getting cut off so I told her I couldn't hear her. I said this twice and the third time she yelled at me "I'm practically screaming idk what you want me to do". I reigned in my temper and told her my acct number and said I wanted to speak to a supervisor. She hung up as well. I tried a third time, and went through the entire process again. I told her I wanted to speak to a manager and this woman said she was the manager for the day, which is ridiculous. THEN! She said she had a totally different address and told me they had my PREVIOUS address WHICH I HAVENT BEEN AT IN MONTHS. She told me she can't give me my refund, I would have had to call the same day, and said they couldn't help me at all.
    I'm extremely angry. They just stole $30 from me and was EXTREMELY RUDE. DO NOT DO THIS OFFER. I can't believe tapjoy has these people. I'm very frustrated and I feel like I will soon have some type of fraud. Im canceling my card.

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  • Cl
      18th of Sep, 2017

    Yep these guys are crooks. They would not refund my money and demand you call them on the phone, something difficult for me to do being disabled and in great pain. I was slammed into them on a cheap deal and you cannot get out or a refund for no services rendered. Do not fall into a trap with these guys. Just think, at $40 a pop, they make good money for nothing! Get enough to blindly sign on with them and they can make millions a month! What a deal!

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  • Li
      29th of Sep, 2017

    I attempted to signup for this service thru a sweepstakes that said I had to choose one of the reward products. I choose this one went thru the signup process put in my info and all BUT never Hit submit. I realized that I already had monitoring with another company was unable to delete my info and just closed the internet down. a week later I notice an unfamiliar charge on my online banking acct. Called the bank to get more info they gave the an 888-593-0340. When the Rep came on the line after waiting on hold for 12 mins. He told me what it was. I proceeded to explain that I remember the company but NEVER HIT SUBMIT...He starts to tell me about their policy to cancel within 7 days & I tell him I never hit submit because I didn't need the service. He tells me there are NO REFUNDS! its already processed and go on to tell me of other products ranging all the way down to 3.95. I ask to speak with a manager he tells me he's the top of the floor I then asked to speak with someone over him and he says there is no one over him and that the call is being recorded...then states mam you put your information in so you brought the product. I tell him again I never hit submit and closed the browser that should NOT dictate SUBMIT then he's says is there anything else I can do for you mam, I request a refund again & he says the policy says you have to cancel by phone within 7 day but again I never hit SUBMIT! That is Fraud!

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  • D5
      27th of Oct, 2017

    I called, the lady got my info, I said I'd like to cancel, she was about to start the free month speech but I cut her off with sorry I only signed up for another offer thing I don't actually even need a credit score service it's nothing personal I thought I'd complete the other offer quick and easy and cancel this without issue and my honesty stunned her the call lasted maybe a minute I'm canceled there was no issue at all unless I continue to get charged remember it's a person on the other end of the phone treat people how you want to be treated

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  • Ro
      5th of Dec, 2017

    Ultimately in the end and other affiliates were able to get over $400 in unauthorized transactions from my bank acct and credit card. Had a hard time getting my money back. I did get some but not all of it.

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  • Sh
      8th of Dec, 2017

    The are a company of nothing but thieves, i had the same thing happen to me, they charged me for the membership and i called them, this was on my seventh day of said membership to cancel and get a refund only to be told that whats done is done, too bad we dont do refunds

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  • Ma
      21st of Sep, 2018

    I began to fill out my info for my free score got as far as my name and p#, something told me to hit the brakes, so i opened a sep window to check these fools out, during my dramatic pause from there digital quicksand, would have to say 5-to-10 min of reading some horrid reviews, my phone starts ringing (north dakota #)2 different ones, i ignored it, a minute later i get texts 3 of them saying they just tried calling me, so i jumped back on there sight and edited out what info i put in . I found their( CUSTOMER SERVICE is WORTHLESS#) I asked her I see your out of ohio, why are reps from ND chasing me thru a narrow tunnel with a bullet train, she said i have no idea what thats about, she then asked for my name, i thought what the hell might be entertaining, so she comes back with this, i see you r not yet a member, i says didnt like that one way road i was on, made my own Uturn when i saw SSN fill in box, with no concearn about the doo doo bags that r doing a push on me, she rolls into this sales pitch hell bent into sighning me up, i says what about my concern it goes further than just me, dont u want the numbers that called they could be using u guys as a front to rip people off, she tells me text stop to the #s .FISHY she told me she did not know anything about the BS RAILROAD, she then tells me if i was a member i could talk to a manager, at that point i just said, you clowns have bad form, KARMA COPS got a scent on that crappy odor of yours.

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