SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / terrible service!!!

United States

I have placed an order for Papa Murthy Pozza thru and had the Worst service i ever had!

Talabat cancelled our order first time saying some sorr of item is not available! ( what item? We ordered pizza!!!) Egyptian guy feom customee "care" couldn't explain and asked us to place the order again.that took them more than 30 mins to give a call and tell me that ordee is cancelled! FYI delivery time promised is 4mins ( as per the website!!)

Which we did.
And waited another hour.

After an hour i startes tracking the order ans saw that it was cancelled again!
NEVER use them, people who work there are useless!
Noone even wanted to take responsibility for it and kept on talking using "phone scripts"

I never expected such a terrible service! Its just unbelievable!

Jun 17, 2017

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