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talabat has the worst customer service agents, they dont respond well to complaints. I had 3 incidents in 1 week that happened with different restaurants which my colleagues and I had ordered through talabat, there is no such thing as following up with an order, talabat doesnt communicate with the restaurant. the first incident was that after i complained that its been more than 1 hour and a half since I ordered then only talabat checked with the restaurant and found out that the restaurant did not even recieve the order, which led to them bringing it after 3 hours. the second incident was with pizza hut where again it took around 3 hours and several phone calls to talabat which also we found out that the restaurant had received the order from talabat after 3 hours. the last incident was today with a mandi restaurant where the payment was done online with a credit card and after over an hour i contacted talabat again to ask about my order and they said that restaurant cant deliver it anytime soon, I then called the restaurant myself to make sure and they told me clearly that when they received the order from talabat they contacted them directly and told them that they wont be able to deliver but unfortunately because of talabat's poor customer service they did not inform me until i had to call them and ask. I made sure that I will put a very bad review everywhere about talabat and will make sure to spread this story.

Jan 24, 2017

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