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I signed up for an Internet bidding like I have done in the past without any hassles. This time, it was The only difference is that, this time, they are charging me 150.00 upfront even though I did not intend to pay a cent for any online bidding when is FREE!!! I have sent a request to a class action lawyer, and I know that there are lots of people who have been had by this fraudulent website. If you want to join me in this lawsuit, please contact me at [protected]. My name is Olu.
This should not be allowed to stand in an economy that is demanding so much thrift from everyone. Let's make this hoodlum site pay!

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  • St
      Jul 03, 2010

    True that. Huge scam. Many complaints. Real bad. Jesse Willms. Swipebids scam.

    There is a petition and a Facebook group to try and stop this Swipebids scam, you can find details at:

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  • Je
      Aug 26, 2010

    Good Afternoon Olufasugbe,

    My name is Jennifer, Head of Customer Service for Swipebids. I assure you our website is not a scam and is entirely legit, please visit the information below for confirmation. I would be more then happy to assist you in any concerns you may have. You may contact me personally at [protected], please include your first/last name, user name, email linked to account as well as the link to this post. I will ensure you will have a positive resolution to your concern. I hope to hear from you.

    Please see attachment for our disclosure page. This is the registration page where your credit card information is inputted into our system, I have also highlighted the 4 sections where we notify customers of our $159 Membership fee.

    We show on our website quite a few pages of past winners, included we show the price it was sold at, retail price and you can even confirm the tracking numbers by clicking on the number itself. We have also given away numerous cars to bidders within the United States and Australia which can be verified at the link below

    We also sponsor numerous children through World Vision, the link below will take you to the site where we describe how it all works and how we started by sponsoring 100 children and we continue to add 1 more each day in our effort to make a positive change.

    If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me personally at [protected]


    Head of Customer Service
    Our Winners:
    Our World Vision Charity:
    Our Customer Service Page:

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  • Ol
      Sep 17, 2010

    I receive on the average about 15 calls a day from victims. Please do not call me. Email the lawyer in charge, as this lawsuit is now filed. Thanks!
    The lawyer's information is below:

    Will Haselden | Edelson McGuire LLC
    350 North LaSalle Street, Suite 1300
    Chicago, Illinois 60654
    1.312.572.7211 (direct) | 1.312.589.6370 (firm) | 1.312.264.0351 (fax)
    [protected] |

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